Pro-India political party supports JRL shutdown call

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By Fast Kashmir on 03/08/2018.

Pro-India political party supports JRL shutdown call

‘Will question Kashmir accession with India if Article 35A is abrogated: Gani Wakil

Neyaz Elahi

Srinagar, Aug 3: Supporting the strike call forwarded by Joint Resistance Leadership on August 5 and 6 against the move to abrogate Article 35A, a pro-Indian political party Friday said that if BJP led Indian Government touches Article 35A, they will question the accession of Jammu Kashmir with Union of India.

    Addressing a press conference here in Srinagar, former Social Welfare Minister and president Jammu Kashmir Bachavo Tehreek, Abdul Gani Wakil said that Article 370 that grants special status to Jammu Kashmir has been eroded by India using her different stooges in Kashmir. He said Article 370 has been completely eroded by India and now it eyes on Article 35A to change the demographic character of Jammu and Kashmir.

   “We are ready to spill our blood to safeguard this Article. We will question Kashmir’s accession with Union of India if this Article is tinkered with. People of Valley are politically conscious now and India has to pay heavy price,” Wakil said.

   He said BJP led Government of India is using courts to attack minorities in India. “BJP is mulling to throw out at least 4 million people from the land of Asam and now using Supreme Court it wants to abrogate Article 35A. it’s time to forget all the differences and join hands to fight this onslaught,” Wakil said.

    He said those living in Jammu and Ladakh who think annulment of Article 35A will not affect them are living in fool’s paradise. “The abrogation will affect them badly. They will lose their character, culture and identity. We have to show a united face and foil the sinister designs of BJP.”

   He said BJP is misleading people of Jammu and Ladakh. Wakil said that Article 35A was incorporated in Indian Constitution because Kashmir is an unresolved issue. “Government of India should approach Supreme Court and ask it to withdraw the petition but unfortunately, the intentions of Indian Government are not good.”

   Abdul Gani Wakil alleged that BJP led government is not sincere vis-à-vis Kashmir. “The attitude of this government is callous towards the hardships of people of Kashmir. It seeks pleasure from the pain people of Kashmir are going through. The appointment of interlocutor was aimed at to buy time. The report that will be submitted by Dineshwar Sharma will meet the same fate of his predecessors.”

   Wakil appealed all sections of people to get united and hit to roads against the ill intentions of New Delhi. “We appeal to Prime Minister of India to wake up and don’t put Kashmir on fire. It is high time New Delhi starts a dialogue with Hurriyat leaders. Delhi should release political prisoners and stop civilian killings. It should also stop shifting Kashmiri prisoners to outside State jails,” Wakil said.

  Former MLC Rafiq Ahmed Shah and others were also present during the press briefing. (CNS)