Shah I Hamadan (RA) taught us the lessons of Tawheed, self-respect and freedom: Malik

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By FK WEB DESK on 18/08/2018.

Shah I Hamadan (RA) taught us the lessons of Tawheed, self-respect and freedom: Malik

Be ready for a full-fledged people’s agitation if any adverse decision comes on state subject law

Srinagar, 18 August: Shah-I-Hamadan (RA) taught us the lessons of Tawheed, God-fearing, self-confidence, self-respect and freedom. Innocent Killings, beatings, spree of arrests, looting, vandalizing and terrorizing localities and other colonial acts by India and its Kashmiri stooges only confirm the fact that India is holding Jammu Kashmir by its military might. Hereditary state subject law guarantees our right of self-determination and unique national identity and fighting for it is our national duty. This was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik while leading a protest outside Khankah-I-Moalla today. Earlier JKLF chairman also addressed thousands at the famous shrine. It is worth to mention that today’s protest was held against the growing acts of terrorism unleashed by Indian army in southern and northern district s of Kashmir, spree of arrests and attacks on state subject law.

In his address inside the holy shrine and to the participants of the Protest rally outside the shrine, JKLF chairman said that great spiritual saint Shah-I-Hamadan not only led us on spiritual front but brought a revolution in our economic and social life also. He said that great saint taught us self- respect and led this nation to an economic freedom. For qualities like these, Alama Iqbal remembered him with the title of “Salar-I-Ajam’’ added JKLF chief .JKLF chairman.

While condemning the ongoing reign of terror throughout Kashmir valley especially in southern and northern districts of Kashmir, JKLF chairman said that Indian army, Police, SOG and other forces have unleashed worst kind of terror throughout Kashmir valley. People without the discrimination of age and gender are being beaten; tortured and humiliated. Nocturnal raids, crackdown and arrests have become an order of the day and all this terror has been unleashed to put people into submission and terminate their resistance against tyranny and occupation. Referring to yesterdays attack by Indian army at Kulgam where Indian army led by a colonel attacked a whole village during night, vandalized houses, tortured men ,women and children ruthlessly and arrested many innocents, JKLF chairman said that the army and forces of so-called biggest democracy attacked villagers during night, acted like dacoits’ looting people, beating and humiliating them ruthlessly. He said that if this reign of terror is democratic and humane then Hitler and Mussolini should also be known as peacemakers. JKLF chairman said that arresting fathers, mothers, brothers and relatives of those in resistance movement has become an order of that day and this is being done by same people who used to call for restraint in case of relatives and families. While condemning the plight of Kashmiri inmates languishing in jails and police stations, JKLF chairman said that even in dictatorial regimes people are released on holy days and festivals but so-called rulers have changed this norm too as young and old Kashmiris are being arrested, slapped with PSA and shifted to jails that are hundreds of kilometers away from their homes and families that too on the occasion of Eid which speaks volumes about Muslim enmity of rulers. JKLF chairman said that this spree of arrests and torture inflicted to people already languishing in jails is nothing but Hitlerism in the garb of democracy.

JKLF chairman said that nature has bestowed Jammu Kashmir with a unique and unparallel identity and state subject law also guarantees and safeguards this uniqueness. Throughout history of illegal occupation, Indian rulers have tried to dent this unique identity and RSS backed NGO and others have been employed to tinker with it through Indian Supreme Court. JKLF chairman said that Indian rulers want to change demography of Jammu Kashmir by attacking state subject law and people of Jammu Kashmir stand united to defend this uniqueness and distinctive identity. JKLF chairman appealed people to remain vigilant and follow protest programs of JRL in letter and spirit. We all should remain one and be ready for a full-fledged people’s agitation if any adverse decision is delivered on state subject law, said JKLF chairman.