unfamiliar vehicles run with bogus press stickers in Kupwara 

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By Fast Kashmir on 11/08/2018.

unfamiliar vehicles run with bogus press stickers in Kupwara 
Vehicles carrying press stickers pass vulgar comments : Female Students

 Wasim Majnoon mir

Kupwara: In this  high-strung time when journalist are  dexterously targeted by their own Government and people for standing against forgery world  what else can be deplorable for journalism, when some unknown persons are using bogus press stickers on their vehicles .

Kupwara is most affected with this style of power show-off, deceit and fake impression on the minds. People have been grumbling against this unfortunate practice from those persons who are far away from this profession. The locals are witnessing these incidents, when some of these culprits are using bogus stickers to create an environment for their own pleasure.

According to our investigation some person with illegitimate interests are using Motorcycles, cars and SUV vehicles with press stickers but not owned by reporters or journalists are being used for shelter the crime activity inside. Our sources told that these are all the time riding and driving on many roots of districts especially on Degree college Kupwara road and Kupwara to Tangdar highway. Sources went on and said some of them are involved in many immoral activities like eve teasing and drugs.

Numbers of girls who study in GDC Kupwara are also complaining same experience. ‘’We usually walk to cover distance between college and our home, but sometime it feels like we shouldn’t have walked on this road as many persons in  vehicles carrying press stickers  pass vulgar comments at us . We stop ourselves from any response because we fear this Sticker which has a huge impact on our mind .We don’t know whether they are fake or real but we have many times witnessed that the same guys who don’t even know what press word is,’’ said one of the female student .

‘’Vehicles of many reporters working with recognized media alone can carry the  ‘PRESS’ sticker issued by its organization or Government .However ,photocopies of the stickers are being misused liberally’’, said a local Government  intelligence  officer, who wished anonymity .