Address grave problems of Wachoo, Zabigallah, Suknaag Khansahib Budgam: Inam Un Nabi

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By FK WEB DESK on 26/09/2018.

Address grave problems of Wachoo, Zabigallah, Suknaag Khansahib Budgam: Inam Un Nabi

Budgam, September 26: Renowned Socio Political activist Inam Un Nabi while adressing public meetings at distant villages of Wachoo, Zabigallah Suknaag Khansahib Budgam District urged authorities to have a serious outlook on the burning issues faced by masses of these areas.

Inam stated, ” Road unconnected because of no heed given to construction of main bridge at ‘Ahaji Kanal’ from Wachoo to Khospora Zabigallah, to Raiyar Doodpatri via Wachoo Khospora is causing innumerable distress to the masses of the area.

A play ground at Golmarg consisting of 22 kannals land has been converted into wasteland and never got any interest from previous Governments. Such step motherly treatment with these picturesque villages is a big tragedy”

Inam observed the manner in which basic amenities have been neglected is a cause of concern.

He added :”Health sub centre since 1963 pending without equipment and other staff facilities, not upgraded till date and this speaks volumes way the people in villages of Kashmir especially backward Budgam District have been neglected is a matter of great concern. ”

Inam hoped that new era of progress would be witnessed by the masses of these areas and authorities will finally wake up from slumber to address burning issues of these areas.

Another activist Firdous Nabi said, “Budgam District in general and Block Suknaag in particular is the most backward constituencies of Kashmir valley despite its large portion being under Srinagar Municipal Corporation limits. Firdouse said that almost 90 percent of the area is underdeveloped with people even having no access to tape water despite being 10-15 kilometers from Srinagar city centre of Lal Chowk.

Firdouse said that District Administration are in deep slumber when it comes to Block Suknaag

Renowned activist Umar Wani while addressing the meeting said that the life have became miserable with the heavy dusty flakes erupting during the movement of tippers and other vehicles on the roads of Wachoo, Zabigallah, Suknaag Khansahib Budgam. The Roads are in dilapidated condition and vehicular movement creates heavy storms of dust which irks commuters and locals, the people associated with agricultural activities always suffer and indulge in health risks due heavy layers of dust on their crops.