At Doda and Kashtawar people of all communities took pledge to protect 35-A

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By Fast Kashmir on 06/09/2018.

At Doda and Kashtawar people of all communities took pledge to protect 35-A

Let Jammuties ask BJP how will it implement parliament resolution on Kashmir ……. Er. Rasheed

Kashtawar 06 Sep: Appealing BJP supporters to ask party leadership not to play with the sentiments of people of J&K, AIP President Er. Rasheed has sought permanent resolution to J&K dispute. While interacting with people of different sections at Kishtawar and Dooda in Jammu province Er. Rasheed reiterated that people of the state are not seeking resolution of dispute on communal lines. Er. Rasheed said “The significance of resolution of Kashmir dispute should not be undermined by dragging Article 35-A to supreme court. New Delhi needs to realize that it cannot always stretch too long the real issues. Article 35-A has to be protected at all costs by the people of the state not those of a particular community”. On the occasion people from all the communities who attended the interaction programme took a pledge to protect Article 35-A and warned vicious forces of dire consequences about conspiracies against 35-A. Er. Rasheed asked people of Jammu province especially BJP supporters to seek answers from the Union government that how would it implement its parliament’s own resolution claiming entire J&K to be India’s integral part. Er. Rasheed said “No one including JRL is seeking a resolution to dispute on communal lines and all those who talk of a resolution are of firm faith that J&K is a political issue, However it is those voices who want things to continue burning and want to avoid a resolution, who are trying to communalize the Kashmir dispute”. Er. Rasheed reiterated his demand seeking unconditional release of Chowdhary Talib Hussain and said that his only fault is that he speaks and fights for ill fated Asifa. Er. Rasheed criticized non state companies carrying out construction works on national highway and in power projects for ignoring the local educated youth and said that people of the region have every right to fight against these grave injustices.