DeM pays tributes to slain Bandipora militants

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By Fast Kashmir on 22/09/2018.

DeM pays tributes to slain Bandipora militants

Srinagar, September 22: Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Saturday paid tributes to the slain five militants who were killed in Shokbaba Sumlar area of Bandipora area.

In a statement issued to KNO, DeM spokesman, Rifat Fatima said that it is these sacrifices by the militants and the people of Kashmir, which will ultimately free Jammu and Kashmir from India.

“These sacrifices by the militants will never go waste and one day, we will be free from the clutches of India,” she said.

Asking people to respect the sacrifices of militants, Rifat said that people must completely boycott the Panchayat and Municipal elections. “A complete boycott of the elections will be a befitting tribute to all the martyrs of Kashmir who have laid down their lives for this sacred cause,” she added.

She said that such processes are carried out by India to weaken the resistance movement in Kashmir. “We cannot afford to give sacrifices and on the other hand, take part in such activities that weaken the cause. Everyone has to contribute so that we achieve the ultimate goal of freedom from India,” she added.

She said that the whole nation is offering sacrifices for this cause. “People are being killed, jails are being filled by arresting common masses and leaders and oppression in other forms is also going on. How can those who are thinking in participating such elections, betray their own people. So, a complete boycott is the only option to counter the sinister moves of India in Kashmir,” she added.

Rifat said that there are no two options. “We cannot afford to be with the movement and also participate in such sinister acts for some material gains.”

She said that no nation on the face of earth has sacrificed as much as Kashmiris have. “We offer our lives, our resources, every home houses an injured or a person from every home is in jail. Allah SWT rewards those who sacrifice their lives and their wealth in his path. We have done so and will continue to do so as long as we see the end of Indian occupation. But for that, consistency in the path of resistance is a must. If we remain steadfast against this occupation by all ways and means, Allah will soon reward us and free us from India,” she added.