India is committing war crime in Kashmir: LeT

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By KNS on 23/09/2018.

India is committing war crime in Kashmir: LeT
Srinagar, Sep 23: Lashkar-e-Taiba on Sunday paid tribute to the two young men who were assassinated in Bandipura yesterday. The outfit’s chief strongly condemned the murder and called it an outcome of Indian army’s frustration.

“The Indian army has crossed all the limits. The use of chemical weapons and destroying the houses is strongly condemnable. It is the worst kind of human rights violation. It was due to the chemical weapons that the bodies of both the martyrs were completely destroyed. Not only this, but the army further damaged the bodies apart with with weapons, which is unquestionably the worst example of war criminality.” LeT spokesman, Dr Abdullah Ghaznawi quoted the outfit chief, Mehmood Shah as saying in an emailed statement to KNS.
Mehmood Shah demanded the international organisations to declare India, a terrorist state on such clear human rights exploitations, and he demanded to enforce sanctions on the country.
He further said, “People who are resigning from police are welcome. They must keep their resignation letters with them as proof.