KEA demands severe punishment to accused in Uri incident

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By Fast Kashmir on 08/09/2018.

KEA demands severe punishment to accused in Uri incident
Demands speedy trial to deliver justice to victim

 Srinagar, Sep 08: Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) Chairperson, Muhammad Yaseen Khan Saturday demanded that the accused arrested in connection with Uri rape and murder case be given exemplary punishment so that it will act as deterrent.
According to the statement issued to KNS, Khan who also heads Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF) said business community as well as the common people feels that the judiciary should set an example to the entire nation so that justice be delivered quickly and effectively.
“What has happened to the humanity? Our society feels ashamed by this heinous crime taking place in this part of world. With each passing day Kashmir is briskly marching towards degradation of moral and social values”, Khan said.
Khan said, “I can’t begin to understand how anyone, even in their wildest dreams, could ever do that to a 9 year old girl who also happens to be her sister and a daughter. We have a glaring example of the Kuthua rape and murder case being politicised and how guilty are being shielded by the rightwing parties, thus we the conscious citizens of the Valley should unequivocally condemn this shameful incident”.
While appealing people to register their protest against this heinous murder, Khan said everyone is duty bound to come on roads against these intolerable crimes.
Khan said stringent punishment for those accused in this gruesome murder is a must so as to prevent such heinous crimes in future. (KNS)