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By Fast Kashmir on 21/09/2018.

Lend Ear To Nation Builder

By : Sheikh Arshid Ahmed

Srinagar, The wealth of nation is not so much in its economical and natural resources but it lies more decidedly in the kind and quality of the wealth of its teacher. It is they who will be the creators and shapers of a nation’s tommorow.

A teacher is a friend , philosopher and guide who holds our hand , opens our mind and touches our heart. The contribution of the teacher cannot be ignored at all.

Teachers are known to shape the mind of youth and without knowledge no one can exist in the world. Teacher imparts good value in children and turn them into responsible citizens.

Teacher plays an important role in the lives of students they encounter. They impact what and how students learn everything in the classroom and their encouragement and nurturing help students do their best and reach goals. But their influence goes beyond what we see in the day-to-day interactions within school walls.

Besides their responsibility to educate students , teachers play an important role in character development or shaping of a student’s reputation , honor and integrity.

Beyond this role the teacher holds a sensitive role in the modern civilized society, regarded as social engineers, teacher posses immense knowledge on various issues that effects our daily lives as community human beings.

Regardless there are so many issues especially conflicting ones such as social stratification on the bases of cast, culture and religion. So responsblity comes on the shoulder of teachers, who are called the builders of nation, to make the society capable of accommodating itself to dilute these issues and coming dangers to become strong enough to resist the unwelcome undesired trends.

In 2013 there was a study conducted , the globe teacher status index , which ranked countries based on how they respect teachers . Teachers have higest respect in China, Greece, Turkey and South Korea and the countries which have least respect are Italy , Czech republic, Brazil and Israel.

According to the report of times of India published September 5, 2013 that there has been sharp decline in level of gratitude of students towards them and there isa dip of appreciation from the side of community as well.

There are so many reasons which shows that why teachers are not well respected in the society.

With the aim of universalizing elementary education, but acheiving the desired remained a distant dream in the state, government has recruited at least 40 thousand teachers under the scheme of Rehbar – e – taleem(Ret’s) in order to universalize the elementary education.

All the elementary and secondary level teachers , irrespective of type of recruitment or given all the rights mentioned in “CSR” after their regularisation , except Rehbar – e – Taleem teachers and they are being deprived from this right and also they face hardships from other sides from their time of recruitment.

Most grievous concern is that the general line teachers are showing biased approach towards these teachers as they are working in the same schools with their equitable shared work load but teacher is a teacher that she / he should not be tagged with recruitment tags . unfortunately Rahbar – e – Taleem (Ret’s) teachers are being dealt with step motherly treatment from government also as (Ret’s) teachers have genuine demands of regularisation and government accepted that and all they have been regularised but there is grave issue that they are not given part of Salary under the policy of 7 pay commission still they are not yet allowed to enjoy their own right ,with the result teachers working under this scheme not only face these problems but they face to wait for months together to get their salaries.

These issues make them to face various hardships and brings them under mental stress and also their families, ailing parents and children do suffer with these insolent teachers.

Moreover the students in the government schools also suffer a lot as they are passing the school day without any class and they go blank to their homes . So current situation of the government schools in J&K is worst and whole Educational system faces extensive damage and it is a mourning situation of the Education system.
So thousands of Ret’s under the banner of TJAC stage protest and want their genuine demands to fulfil. During the protestation they have been scuffled with the police.

The police uses all its power and force to disperse the angry mob during which many of the teachers got injuries and many of them Lodged in the jail thus has shown respect to the nation builders.

Now the government of state will have to think positively and fulfil their genuine demands other wise time is near that the whole Educational system of J&K will not be removed from apathy.

Author is a research scholar from Kuchmullah Tral