Let India and Pakistan move beyond traditional symbolism.  Er. Rasheed

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By Fast Kashmir on 21/09/2018.

Handwara 21 September: Asking India and Pakistan to move beyond symbolism, AIP President Er. Rasheed has said that foreign Ministers of the two countries meeting at the side lines of UN Assembly session will yield nothing, unless the two countries don’t recognize the sufferings, sacrifices and rights of people of J&K. In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said “Unless New Delhi doesn’t give up adopting the media driven state policies, not only Kashmiris but the entire sub continent will continue to bleed. Loss of human lives is always unfortunate but hollow condemnations fetch nothing, especially when they are selective in nature. The key to stop death and destruction lies mainly with New Delhi but how can things change if the hawkish elements take hostage state institutions and even make huge hue and cry over Sushma Sawraj going to meet her Pakistani counterpart in New York”. Er. Rasheed added that Kashmiris are the biggest advocates of dialogue between New Delhi and Islamabad but if the two countries do it without hardly any agenda, humanity will continue to bleed one or the other way. If Indian media, politicians, police and army top brasses have really sympathy for the killed three police cops in south Kashmir, they must all in one voice ask New Delhi to enter into a meaningful, time bound and result oriented dialogue with all the stake holders especially the militant leadership. Celebrating some killings and condemning and mourning others by any of the stake holders is unrealistic and unjustified by all standards. Er. Rasheed while welcoming Pakistan’s continuous dialogue offer to India reminded Pakistani establishment not to forget the huge sacrifices of people of J&K  offered for right to self determination and said that time has come when Pakistani government has to prove on the diplomatic front its worth and sincerity in supporting right to self determination for Kashmiris. Er. Rasheed accused congress of playing a shameless role on Modi government’s peace initiatives with Pakistan. He said that while some congress leaders support the talks but most of them are always on their toes to criticize Modi’s peace initiatives with Pakistan. “By doing so the party wants to keep Kashmiris in good humor and at the same time tries to prove itself more anti-Pakistan and anti-Kashmir than RSS and other likeminded organizations”. Er. Rasheed added.