Repression on Muharram processions exposes state hypocrisy :Inam Un Nabi

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By Fast Kashmir on 20/09/2018.

Srinagar, September 20 : Eminent Socio Political activist Inam Un Nabi has lambasted the authorities for unleashing wave of barbarism against Moharam Mourning Processions and even tormenting women mourners by abusive tactics.
” On one hand the Amaranth Yatra related pilgrims are showered welcome flowers and we are not against that but hypocrisy of State and authorities are exposed when processions and celebrations of Muslim communities are brutally crushed and face regular highandeness. From Eid celebrations to Moharram processions everything is facing torture from state. This bias should end and then only we can move towards peace. “
Inam urged upon the people of Kashmir to follow in letter and spirit the sacred message of Karbala and the sacrifice rendered by Imam Hussain (RA) in the battlefield and leading humanity from darkness to light.
Inam appealed to people of Kashmir to remain steadfast on the path of justice as Karbala Martyrs showed struggles of justice can never be trampled.