The battle of Karbala represents steadfastness and ultimate faith in almighty Allah.

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By Fast Kashmir on 21/09/2018.

The battle of Karbala represents steadfastness and ultimate faith in almighty Allah.

Ban and use of force on Ashoora Procession amounts to persecution of a community


Srinagar,  21 SEP:  the battle of Karbala represents steadfastness and ultimate faith in almighty Allah. Imam-I-Hussain (RA) and his companions sacrificed their lives but never bowed before tyrants. Colonial repression and democratic traits can never go hand in hand. This was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik while addressing an Ashoora congregation at Zadibal today.

Despite heavy restrictions in Srinagar, JKLF chairman along with a delegation comprising of Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, G M Dar and others managed to reach Zadibal to express solidarity with Azadaran-I-Imam-I-Hussain (RA). On the occasion JKLF chairman addressed a gathering of mourners at Imam Bargah Zadibal. In his passionate address to the people present in the Majlis, JKLF chairman said that Imam-I-Hussain (RA) and his family sacrificed their lives for truth and unity of Ummah. Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions refused to accept the hegemony of the oppressors and strived for a righteous cause. JKLF chairman said that we all recite one Kalima, believe in one Allah, have faith in his last messenger Prophet Muhammad (SaW) and turn towards one Qibla and all this unification teaches us to stand united. He said that our adversaries want to divide us in the name of sects and tribes, hardliners and liberals and it is our duty to remain one and defeat the nefarious designs of these adversaries. JKLF chairman said that Hussain (RA) and his righteous companions displayed unrelenting resilience, courage and steadfastness. They represent oppressors not the oppressed and it is the duty of every Hussaini to identify himself with the oppressed and downtrodden and remain striving against the tyrants and oppressors. JKLF chairman said that from last 70 plus years Kashmiris are being oppressed and subjected to torture and torment by world’s so-called biggest democracy. Our young ones are killed with impunity, jailed under black laws and humiliated on daily basis. This tyranny has turned our land into Karbala where battle between truth and the false, oppression and the oppressed is going on unabated. He said that caging down young and old is not new in Kashmir but from last many months hundreds of our young and old are being arrested, slapped with PSA and shifted to jails away from their homes. On one hand military, SOG, and Police oppression is going on and on the other hand farce elections in the name of empowering people on gross root level have been initiated by so-called rulers. We are witnessing a Karbala of modern times and to hide its crimes against humanity and give its illegal occupation and oppression a legal cover, Indian rulers time and again play election Dramas and tries to hoodwink international opinion in the name of democracy. He said that we all should adhere to the principle ‘No election till right to self-determination’ and refrain from participating in any such process that is helping our oppressors. JKLF chairman said that India is and has always been using this drama as a license to kill, maim suppress Kashmiris and legalize its occupation on this land and it is the duty of every Muslim who loves Hussain (RA) to stay away from upcoming elections. How can we vote and strengthen those who are killed and maimed our thousands, jailed our young and old including women and are continuing this oppression unabated, asked JKLF chairman. While condemning the onslaught by police and forces on Ashoora Processions in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir, JKLF chairman said that ban on religious rituals and acts of faith are direct interference in religion of masses and this act is most undemocratic and condemnable. This tyranny and coercion amounts to persecution of a community which is highly regrettable, asserted JKLF chairman.