Huge number of mobile towers in Srinagar pose dangers of health hazards, authorities unmoved

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By Fast Kashmir on 02/10/2018.

Huge number of mobile towers in Srinagar pose dangers of health hazards, authorities unmoved

SRINAGAR, OCT 02: Amid boom of cellular service, the huge number of mobile towers have been erected in residential, commercial areas. However the authorities seem unmoved over the hazards due to huge dose of radiations emitting from these mobile towers.

There are hundreds of mobile tower on roofs, lawns, vicinity of  residential houses, commercial places in Srinagar city like Rajbagh, Jawahar Nagar, Abi Guzar, Khaniyar, Karanagar, Lalchowk, Jehangir chowk, Batamaloo, and other areas of Srinagar city.

When Press Trust of Kashmir asked experts from health department regarding the impact of these cellular towers they said that “You should never allow a Mobile tower on top of your house, especially 3G as it has higher frequency range than normal 2G network. 3G connection are of about 2100Mhz which is almost equal to frequency of WIFI which is very harmful for your health and also for the health of your neighbours”.


General Physician Dr Khurshid Ahmad Sheikh while taking to Press Trust of Kashmir said that the radiations of mobile tower cases cancer and other disease as well. He further told PTK , “We people are not caring towards our health. What we need is money but we ignore harmful effect of these mobile towers.  We need to educate people and once they came to know about it, they will avoid this willful harm”.

Dr Ashutosh Kumar, Senior Doctor in Delhi Hospital while taking to Press Trust of Kashmir said, “There are number of studies showing RF radio frequency microwave radiation to be harmful to human health. Thousands of studies conducted over the last 80 years have found a wide variety of bio-effects, including permanent DNA damage”.

He further added that “EMF Exposure Health Effects like Enzymes, DNA Metabolism, Genes, Hormones, Headaches, Memory loss, Cancer, birth defects, Heart conditions and much more”. “Nowadays mostly people complaint of headaches, memory loss, it’s all because of the mobile tower on roof and in vicinity”, he said.

He asked, “Why such deadly cell phone towers are allowed to be installed in residential areas even on roofs? The telecommunication companies pay rent for installation of towers. Letting building for cell phone towers is a good source of income for property owners and institutions, but they don’t know  they have to spend huge sums on their health once fall sick due to the radiations of cellular towers”.

However when contact Dr Riyaz Ahmad Daga Spokesperson Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK), he said “These people who are living near tower or have towers on their roofs, they are exposed to radiations 24/7. He said “They may face memory complications”.

Meanwhile in September 2012, the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) came out with revised guidelines adopting one tenth of the norms set by International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), an NGO.

There are set guidelines for Installation of the Mobile Towers which allegedly the mobile companies are not following properly in Srinagar city.  Some of the main guidelines for installation of mobile towers are :

1) Installation of Base station antennas within the premises of schools and hospitals must be avoided because children and patients are more susceptible to electromagnetic radiations. 2) Installation of Base Station Antennas in narrow lanes should be avoided in order to reduce the risks caused by any earthquake or wind related disaster. 3) The Base Station Antennas should be at least 3 m away from nearby buildings and antennas should not directly face a building. 4) Further, the lower end of the antenna should be at least 3 meters above the ground or roof. (PTK)