Mehboob Beg lashes out at GoI

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By KNS on 14/10/2018.

Mehboob Beg lashes out at GoI

Srinagar, Oct 13: Senior leader and former Parliamentarian, Dr. Mehboob Beg has come down heavily on the Central government’s attitude towards Kashmir.


In a statement issued to KNS, Beg said that New Delhi needs to get its act together, they started by heeding to the PDP’s constant efforts at providing relief to the masses, the amnesty that was announced, the unilateral cease-fire, the offer to talk to every section of the society being some examples of the same and now they have resorted to the complete opposite.


Dr. Beg further pointed-out that the ‘aggressive approach’ now being adopted by the BJP led government was only proving counter-productive. “They are forcing democracy at the grass-root level, the people are not in the mood at all, the government of the day must respect that,” said Dr.Beg.


“It was the BJP which said that they will look to bring the situation under control before reviving the Assembly which is under suspended animation.


The Assembly continues to be in suspended animation, thereby implying that the BJP itself is aware that the ground situation has not improved at all, then why force Panchayat and Urban Body elections on the people? The priority must be to take some concrete confidence building measures and improve the situation, forcing elections down our throats will not help,” concluded Dr. Beg.