Offering funeral prayers is absentia is not a crime.  Er. Rasheed

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By FK WEB DESK on 12/10/2018.

 Srinagar 12 October: Appealing Aligarh Muslim University Administration not to harass Kashmiri students, AIP President Er. Rasheed has said that offering funeral prayers in absentia is not a crime under any law.


In a statement issued FAST KASHMIR today Er. Rasheed condemned AMU’s decision to suspend three Kashmiris students for organizing funeral prayers in absentia for Manan Wani. He added that the decision is being done only under pressure from local BJP leaders.


Er. Rasheed while reacting to Mehbooba Mufti’s statement on Manan Wani’s killing appealed main stream parties to show some consistency in their designs and not add salt to the injuries of masses. Er. Rasheed said “Like everyone Mehbooba Mufti is free to express her views on all issues including death of Manan Wani but her changing stances from time to time have eroded her credibility and like NC leadership PDP too has proved again and again that except power the party has no more agenda. Getting to power corridors is not a crime but changing colors has compelled every Kashmiri to quote often that PDP had been doing politics of vote bank and exploitation.


Without making it a debate she needs to be reminded about her toffee and milk remarks, when unarmed Kashmiris cutting across age and gender were butchered by bullets and blinded by pallets in her regime. If she truly feels Manan Wani’s killing as a loss for entire nation she must apologize for all the killings  including that of Burhan Wani, which took place in her regime”. Er. Rasheed added “Main stream parties could have contributed much towards resolution of Kashmir dispute and ending sufferings of Kashmiris, especially after the world powers offered to listen to democratic voices in conflict areas, but unfortunately the entire main stream failed Kashmiris.


From Assembly to streets and from Delhi to Srinagar every Kashmiri main stream politician exposed his deep hunger  for power even at the cost of eroding his own reputation and credibility. It is the main stream parties who emboldened men in uniform to kill Kashmiris, started rewarding and awarding those who had innocent blood on their hands and caged Kashmiris by jailing them not only in state but elsewhere in India too. Had the mains stream parties guts, commitment, courage and sincerity the least they could have done would have been abrogating PSA, revoking AFSPA, releasing prisoners and taking many basic measures to make atmosphere conducive for talks between various stake holder.


However from Mehbooba Mufti to Omer Abdullah and late Mufti Sahab to Azad Sahab all rulers preferred to adopt double speaks as such have to be responsible for every single killing that took place in the state”. Er. Rasheed asked Mehbooba Mufti to show respect for her fellow colleagues by maintaining some consistency and giving up duplicity.


He reiterated that being in main stream politics is not a crime but the so called main stream leaders like Mehbooba Mufti and others have polluted the entire purpose of main stream politics. He said those who still believe in democratic process and want to fight for resolution to Kashmir dispute by using democratic institutions as a medium, have tough times to explain it to people that they don’t have double faces like Mehbooba Mufti.