Prof. Bhim Singh condemns Israeli attack on Palestinians in Gaza

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By FK WEB DESK on 14/10/2018.

Prof. Bhim Singh condemns Israeli attack on Palestinians in Gaza

Srinagar   October   14:   Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman Indo-Palestine Friendship Society condemned Israel for attacking Palestinians inside Palestine territory  yesterday and killing several while the Palestinians were protesting peacefully condemning Israel for suppressing the Palestinians inside Gaza  which is in Palestine. NPP Supremo condemned Israel and its backers in the West and the USA for supporting Israeli occupation and violation of UN Resolutions and directions to Israel directing it to withdraw from all occupied territory of Palestine. Prof. Bhim Singh who is also Supremo of National Panthers Party and Friends of Palestine urged India to take up this issue in the Security Council for violating International Law and Resolutions of the Security Council passed since 1948 when Israel was forcibly created by the Security Council in violation of UN Charter in 1948.

          Prof. Bhim Singh called on India to take up this issue before United Nations against Israel for violation of UN Charter. He also condemned Israel for violation of Security Council Resolution No. 242, 338, 425 and others which had directed Israel to vacate all Palestinian territory which Israel occupied in 1948, 1967 and after.

          Prof. Bhim Singh also accused USA and Israel for the breach of Washington declaration signed by Israel with Palestinian Supremo, Yasir Arafat in the White House. Israel has not vacated the occupied land of Palestine till today and has been violating UN Charter everyday by attacking Palestinians, committing violation everyday and attacking Palestinians mostly in Gaza.


          Prof. Bhim Singh reminded present Indian Govt. that India has been supporting the Palestinians since thirties when Mahatma Gandhi declared in 1935 that Palestine belongs Palestinians in the same way as France to the French and Britain to the Britishers . NPP Supremo called on the Indian Parliament also to take up this situation and raise it before the world so that Palestine shall get its sovereign status as it is entitled to under International Law.