Regional parties should not carry baggage of New Delhi’s blunders on their shoulders. Er. Rasheed

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By FK WEB DESK on 06/10/2018.

Langate 06 October: Appealing political parties to wake up and save precious lives in Kashmir, AIP President Er. Rasheed has said that killing of two NC workers and other mysterious killings need a response that can bring Kashmiris a ray of hope to get them out of huge uncertainty.


In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said “Unless the political parties of various thoughts don’t lead the masses from the front and make New Delhi understand about the sacrifices, sentiments and aspirations of Kashmiris nothing may change on the ground. It is unfortunate that New Delhi has been using every killing to strengthen its view point on Kashmir dispute. While it uses unknown killings to create a wedge between Kashmiris and tries to demoralize pro-resistance forces, it cunningly cries being victim of Pakistan sponsored militancy while killing Kashmiris in the name of encounters.



Political parties hailing from both pro-resistance and main stream camps are duty bound to do whatever possible to stop blood shed in Kashmir, however they cannot achieve anything unless they will not tell spade a spade and represent the voice of masses with full force, unity and sincerity. It is failure of political leadership that New Delhi is crying victim despite facilitating killings directly or indirectly”.


Er. Rasheed added that while masses have sacrificed everything, leaders need to be more pro-active and must discharge their duties by using all possible means to persuade New Delhi for an everlasting resolution to Kashmir dispute. He said “regional main stream parties should not carry the baggage of New Delhi’s blunders on their shoulders and thus facilitate the killings of their cadres. It would be in their own interest to give up autonomy slogan and speak for right to self determination”.


Er. Rasheed also condemned the fresh arrests of youth and pro-resistance activists and said that DGP Mr. Dilbagh Singh’s revelation that some six hundred people have been arrested in Kashmir valley to ensure conducting of local body polls, is a confession that Kashmiris are being ruled through the barrel of the gun and truth lies on their side.