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By Fast Kashmir on 10/10/2018.

What’s Behind Curtains

Sheikh Minhaj Larvi

Besides every other ruination in Kashmir. The talent of our youths remain in dark and unexplored.
The youths of Jammu and Kashmir are full of talent, they can be the sensation and inspiration for the younger generation of rest of the states as well countries if a platform will be given to them.

Number of youths are in queue and trying to explore their talent, but unfortunately the ever miserably failed political and bureaucratic system of the state is unable to create opportunities and provide them a platform. Instead of building measures and initiatives for younger generation they ruined the every thread of qualities of our youth.


Lets take an example of a photographer from North Kashmir’s Bandipora district Aakash Gulzar. He is a student of ist year and working tirelessly day and night to improve his photography skills. Even though his clicks are enough perfect and attractive to add a pearl to the personalities estate of Jammu and Kashmir. But he is having none of the platforms to display his clicks as well improve and polish his talent.
Like Aakash Gulzar, heaps and centuries of youth are lingering, trying day and night to come on the forefront to telecast their talent. Alas! No one is concerned about their future and the talent which can empower the state Jammu and Kashmir on grass root levels. The talented guys can become the assets to the state, but the need of an hour is to establish such an institutions which can identify, recognize, polish and project the talent of the youth.

Only a few percent of our school going children reach to the research institutions, this is an only tip of the iceberg of which a very small part shines and a huge part of the iceberg remains submerged and dark. Rest of the children who may be more talented are only hidden because of the family backgrounds and poor economic conditions.
It is trending that our political leaders and bureaucrats project and adjust their children in the leading fields and sectors because of their approach and power. We are witnessing that from Bollywood to Politics, Sports to Govt. Offices and from Centre to State, the children and relatives of our protected personalities are working on different positions without any talent check and the talented youth either choose gun or working as labours and salesmen.

Our system dwindled the space for our youth which resulted the alarming and increasing number of the evil activism due to our younger generation is on daily cards.

The New Delhi and the state government always issue the dry statements to channelize the youth of the state in a positive way and direction, but till date none of the improvement and results are there on the practical grounds. Claiming such things are not going to change the wave and turn the hearts of Kashmiris, But justice with the sentiments and talent of our youths can improve the thread of the relations.

It is looking like neither our politicians and nor the system operators are going to change and improve their policies towards the betterment of youth. The civil societies, Social working organizations, intellectual groups and other NGO’s should manage the workshops and talent detection programmes for the youth time to time in order to empower and encourage them, as it is a duty on priority bases for every activist of the state to protect and preserve the pearls of our societies.

Through an article here I request his excellency Governor of the state Shri Satyapal Malik to look into the matter and issue orders for taking up the measures and initiatives to identify and polish the hidden talent the state, so that the state will be empowered and youth will be channelized in a proper and positive direction..

Aakash Gulzar’s captured shot at Old age home Ambphalla Jammu…