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By Fast Kashmir on 07/11/2018.

Café: New Culture in Kashmir

Mehvish Dilshad

Srinagar, November 7: Entrepreneurship is no more a business choice becoming a growing trend in Kashmir. The young generation of Kashmir are more into this trend. Though start up is a good platform to nurture ones talents and capabilities and some of the entrepreneurs have shown tremendous growth in this field.

The ongoing trend of the Cafe’s that is growing rapidly in the valley especially Srinagar where a cafe can be seen at almost every corner.  It is good that the youth are investing their time in something productive but at the same time it should not be only to follow the crowd and that’s exactly what is happening nowadays.

Entrepreneur choices seems to be confined to opening up a cafe or a restaurant while having many different options that could be worked on.

Talking about the cafes and restaurants, the focus is more on the theme and the interior designing of the place rather than the quality of food.  Those places are more of the artistic value than taste. It is important to maintain the place and to make it look attractive but the main priority should be the food and this is where almost every cafe and restaurant are lagging behind.

Maybe the people visit these cafes and restaurants for the themes they are based on but at the end it is the good food that will attract customers and make them visit the place again and again.

Though some places are quite fine but still lack the essence of a w call a good Cafe or restaurant. Mainly because of the compromise that is being made on the quality and taste of food available at these places.

“After visiting a cafe ,I personally realized  that these places  are more pleasing to the camera, food comes after that which somewhere tastes good and somewhere okay okay, ” said Shaista, a boutique owner.

 Evidently, social media plays a significant role in publicizing and promoting all these cafes and restaurants even most of the cafe’s gain customers through social media only where the pictures are posted, tags used especially on Instagram adds to the publicity of the places.

“Recently I’ve been to some of the cafe’s here and one thing I noticed is that these cafe’s are involved in building a status on social media through their interiors and are less bothered about the Main part of the place which is food, it’s a disappointment ,” said zulaikha mir, a fine art student.

However, young entrepreneurs have excelled with their entrepreneurial brains and have been successful enough with their start-ups, let’s hope food Quality gets better from good. (KNB)