Er. Rasheed cautions against the designs of Ikk Jutt Jammu

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By FK WEB DESK on 13/11/2018.

Srinagar 13 November: Expressing deep concern over growing propaganda by a group of fascist elements under the banner of “Ikk Jutt Jammu”, AIP President Er. Rasheed has appealed masses in Jammu to rise to the occasion and isolate these elements, who are keen bent to destroy the traditional brotherhood of the state. In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said “It is so strange and unfortunate that the activists of so called ‘Ikk Jutt Jammu’ are spreading hatred against Muslims and their religion in broad day light under total patronage of Sang Parivar. Activists like Ankur Sharma, Prof. Hari Om, Sushil Pandit and Madhu Kishwar are keen bent to create communal disorder in Jammu province and are busy in provoking Hindu community against the Muslims in Jammu. By giving communal color to Rasana rape and murder case, carrying huge propaganda against special status give to the state including 35-A, calling Islamic Sharia Islamofascism, asking Jammuties not to give their shops and land to Muslims, asking for social boycott to Gujars, appealing Hindus not to buy milk from Muslims, creating false propaganda against certain residential colonies, using derogatory language against Mosques and creating an atmosphere of hatredness against entire Muslim Ummah is unacceptable, unlawful and untolerable. The so called activists of Ikk Jutt Jammu are shamelessly trying to give communal color to every incident and polluting the mindset in entire Jammu region”. Er. Rasheed reminded the organizers of ‘Ikk Jutt Jammu’ not to forget the fact that Jammu was a Muslim dominated region and around five Lac. Muslims were martyred in the entire region in 1947 after Maharaja and his colleagues provoked Dogra’s against the Muslims just to change the demography of the entire region. Er. Rasheed expressed surprise over the silence of divisional administration and added that It seems from SHO’s to Governor Mr. S. P. Malik all are working on the directions and under the command and control of proxies of Hindu fascist elements, who seem to be keen bent in terrorizing Muslim community one way or the other. Er. Rasheed while questioning Madhu Kisrwar’s intentions asked her to explain the reasons for her being so vocal against Jammu Muslims despite the fact that she is not a state subject and still is playing the central role in bringing anti Muslim forces of Jammu region together under the banner of Ikk Jutt Jammu, just to create communal disorder. Er. Rasheed said that people like Madhu Kishwar should feel ashamed for their communal and narrow-minded approach as the way she is getting indulged in character assassination of Kashmiri students studying in various Indian universities, using objectionable remarks against Mosques and portraying Islam as a fascist religion, her intellectual dishonesty and bankruptcy gets exposed. Er. Rasheed asked government to investigate the source of funding to the Ikk Jutt Jammu organization and said that a huge propaganda being carried out under the banner of Ikk Jutt Jammu can never be carried out by few individuals unless they don’t have huge resources to create the communal disorder in the state.