Exposing negligence of education department teacher suspended in Ganderbal 

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By FK WEB DESK on 14/11/2018.

Exposing negligence of education department teacher suspended in Ganderbal 

Hadi Hidayat

Ganderbal, Nov 14: A teacher was suspended after exposing the negligence and faults of the education department who recently conducted term-II examinations in central Kashmir’s District Ganderbal.
After a video gone viral on social media in which teacher raised figure on his own department after facing criticisms against teachers fraternity.
Exposing many faults and negligence of DIET Ganderbal in conducting the examination term-II Of primary and middle classes in which teacher highlighted several issues like paper error, late examination and huge printing charges and appealed higher authorities to maintain uniform code for all educational institutions in state.
However the teacher was placed under suspension soon after his video gone viral on social media.
When contacted suspendee teacher he said, it’s very unfortunate i have been suspended over speaking the truth, my department should have encouraged me i am much concerned about the prosperity of education.
We are the part of system and we know where fault lies, we also know how to promote education sector in an efficient way, i am a teacher living in a world’s most democratic country in which we avail fundamental rights as art-19(1) for freedom of speech and expressions he added.
Social media is abuzz with criticisms against higher authorities of the Department and praises are being shared with this teacher.
A social worker sharing suspension order said “its very unfortunate for teacher’s fraternity as an intelligent, hard worker and a dedicated teacher have been suspended for speaking the truth”.
A teacher said, this is totally against the freedom of speech, we stand with teacher bilal Ahmad if this order is not revoked we will come on roads.
Reporters conversation with CEO Ganderbal Gayas-ud-din
Q: Sir you have suspended a teacher Bilal Ahmad shah what is the reason behind his suspension?
CEO: I haven’t seen anything of this teacher, i have got orders from higher authorities.
Q: Have you got orders from DC Ganderbal or director school education to suspend the teacher?
CEO: without taking any name CEO repeatedly said no no i have got orders from my higher authorities, please don’t try to diverge me, media is always free, we are in chains.
He has gone viral and he has spoken such rude and nonsense which he is not entitled to do, he should have reportedly to you you would report it, why would he go viral, why would he go on media, he is bound in certain chains.
Q: Highlighting issues on social media is reason behind suspension?
CEO: No no how can he highlight issues? He is a teacher let him do his job, he is paid for a job, they take everything in hands, i am confused where we are heading.
Q: I only need to know reason behind his suspension?
CEO: It’s in between line’s i told you everything you can understand i have limitations to come up.