LeT pays tributes to slain Shopian militants

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By KNS on 18/11/2018.

LeT pays tributes to slain Shopian militants

Srinagar, Nov 18: Mahmood Shah, Chief Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) Jammu Kashmir paid their immense tribute to the martyred freedom fighters from Al-Badr Mujahideen, Yawer Ahmed and Nawaz Ahmed, and said that the martyrs have played a pivotal role in exposing the Indian state terrorism and its aggression to the world.


“It is the honor of the martyrs to retaliate against the unjust occupation and to fight for their fundamental rights.”


In an emailed statement issued to KNS, Dr. Abdullah Ghazanwi, LeT quoted outfit chief as saying “India has never been able to suppress the indigenous freedom struggle through force, neither will it bear any success in future.”


Attributing 2019 elections as drama, Mahmood Shah said that since then India sees terrorists every now and then. This is the very propaganda and vicious tactics through which they want to collect vote banks by inducing conspiracies between Muslims and Hindus.


They are nothing but their own breed. Muslims in poor plight are killed in fake encounters so as to convince the Indian public that they have in fact targeted terrorism.


How are they terrorists when they did not commit any crime? It is the Indian government and their forces who are terrorists. The Indian policy of hatred will shaken their very foundations.”


Mahmood Shah said that if Ram Temple is built on Babari Masjid then it must be known that time changes and that Babari Masjid may be built on the very soil in future. Therefore, Indian forces must come into their senses and quit Kashmir.