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By Fast Kashmir on 21/11/2018.

Srinagar, November 21:  Frequent and unscheduled power cuts have arrived again to trouble the people of Kashmir valley as soon the winter arrived.

According to official, “the power outage was caused by breakdown of major supply lines due to the fall of foliage laden branches on the supply lines.”

The local residents of Rajbagh said, “Power cuts have made the life of people miserable. Metered as well as non-metered consumers in the valley have to face frequent power cuts.”

“Unscheduled power cuts because of a huge gap between the supply and demand are making life difficult, “they further added.

The frequent power cuts are effecting everyone including students whose education suffers a lot.

A 12th class student of Bandipora said,”How can we study in absence of power, Instead of resorting to power cuts during morning and evening hours, the PDD should do it during the daytime so that the student fraternity doesn’t suffer. These power cuts can ruin careers of hundreds of students.”

With the early onset of winter, the power scenario in Kashmir has further worsened and the new power schedule announced by the Power Development Department (PDD) is causing miseries to the people. The PDD has come up with new reduction schedule in which the frequency of power cuts in metered as well as non-metered areas have been increased.

The electricity department issued notices on scheduled power cuts meant to be three hours for metered areas, and eight hours for non-metered ones. But in reality, the power goes out at least for an additional five hours.

In most parts of the Kashmir valley including the capital Srinagar, power cuts have pushed the people to uneasiness. Electricity is perhaps the second most talked about issue in Jammu and Kashmir

However, electricity needs has been a mainstay of political parties pitching for development as a means to rise to power. KNB