Malik addresses gathering at Dargah-i-Sultan ul Aarifeen Makhdoom Sahib Srinagar

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By FK WEB DESK on 03/11/2018.

Malik addresses gathering at Dargah-i-Sultan ul Aarifeen Makhdoom Sahib Srinagar

Makhdoom sahib Srinagar// our saints and spiritual leaders showed us the way of living a dignified life. They taught us to strive for honor and dignity of humans. Elections under Indian occupation have always proved detrimental to the interests of Kashmiris and hence require a total boycott. This was stated by the chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik while addressing people at Dargah-i-Sultan ul Aarifeen Makhdoom Sahib Srinagar today. Yasin Malik while addressing the gathering said that our saints and spiritual leaders showed us the path of wisdom, forbearance, resistance and steadfastness. “We have forgotten the teachings of these spiritual leaders and because of this ignorance we are today suffering in our daily lives”.

Yasin Malik visited the Dargah of great religious and spiritual leader of Kashmir Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom Rahmatullah Alliah to pay reverence and expresses his gratitude towards the great saint who taught Kashmiris the way of living with dignity and pride. In his speech JKLF chairman said Hazrat Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom (RAH), led us on the religious, spiritual and political fronts. It was this great thinker and spiritual leader who besides providing us the much needed religious and spiritual teachings, taught us the way of living with dignity and honor and resisting falsehood and tyranny.

Terming all elections held under Indian occupation as damaging to the cause and interests of the people of Jammu Kashmir, JKLF chairman said that India to hoodwink international opinion has always orchestrated a stage-managed drama in the name of elections in Jammu Kashmir and termed the participation of people in these elections as a vote in favor of its illegal occupation. He said that the people selected in these elections and assemblies formulated by this theater act as rubber stamp to impose black laws in Kashmir which are detrimental to political, social, and economic interests of Kashmiris. JKLF chairman said that we as a living nation should stay away from a process that is harmful to our interests and boycott these as we have boycotted in recent municipal elections. Appealing people to boycott upcoming Panchyat elections, JKLF chairman said that Boycott by more than 95% Kashmiris during previously held municipal election drama has defeated tall Indian claims on Kashmir. Now a new narrative is being put forth by some people that our boycott has brought BJP in Kashmir which is not good. Similar kind of deceitful politics was played during 2014 assembly elections and on the same pretext of keeping RSS and BJP out participation of people was manipulated by pro-India political parties. We want to tell this fringe spreading these silly arguments that it hardly matters to Kashmiris who is in power as a collaborator and tool of oppression. JKLF chairman said that frustrated by recent boycott, Indian rulers and their local abettors have expedited the spree of killings and other oppressive measures in valley. He said that on daily basis our youth are being massacred ruthlessly without any remorse. Yesterday at Shupian another innocent has been killed with impunity by trigger happy Indians which is highly condemnable. Crackdown of villages and towns, beating, torturing and humiliating common people, choking every little space on youth and thus leaving no space for them to continue peaceful resistance and other colonial acts of oppression. How can we strengthen those who are spilling blood of our youth, burning and blasting our houses and suppressing our voices by military might, asked JKLF chairman? We all should keep Joint resistance leadership’s boycott call in mind and stay away from this anti-Kashmir process and thus defeat the nefarious designs of our adversary, said chairman JKLF.

Taking a dig on all pro-India political parties and politicians of Jammu Kashmir, JKLF chairman said that it is these pro-India politicians and their political parties which are responsible for all our miseries. He said that pro-India politicians and their parties are used for promoting a politics of deception by their Indian masters and after every six years we see a change in their theatrical role; one assuming power and another taking the charge of opposition. JKLF chairman said that in opposition, they chant freedom and human rights but as soon they get power, they become active agents of illegal occupation and oppression and in both their avatars fulfill their selfish goals, class or sectional interests. He said that whole of south Kashmir and all other regions of Kashmir are suffering from the wrath of Indian occupational forces these days. Killings, crackdowns, arrests, vandalizing properties, beating and torturing the Kashmiri masses and other oppressive tactics have become the order of the day. Crackdowns like that of 90’s are being repeated during which men, women, children and youth are beaten, tortured, arrested and humiliated, thousands have been jailed and thousands stand injured and humiliated and all this is being done to suppress the sacred mission of thousands of our young martyrs and the countless sacrifices of their families, JKLF chairman said that.

He said that the people of Jammu Kashmir are fighting a war for their dignity, identity and freedom. Our struggle for freedom is based on truth and justice and we have been shown and taught this way of unflinching struggle by spiritual leaders like Makhdoom Sahib. He said that as a true Muslim we all will have to stand by the side of truth, resist every kind of oppression and fight the illegal occupation of India till the achievement of the sacred goal.