Malik expresses his deep sorrow over the brutal killing of senior resistance leader Mir Hafiz-u-Allah

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By FK WEB DESK on 20/11/2018.

Srinagar, 20 November:  inhuman Killing of senior resistance leader Mir Hafiz-u-Allah in broad day light is most atrocious and naked act of state repression. Through Mir sahibs’ martyrdom today, we have lost a prudent voice, courageous and steadfast human being and a humble personality. This was stated by the incarcerated chairman of Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik in a condolence message sent out from incarceration today.

                On the directions of JKLF incarcerated Chairman a high level JKLF delegation comprising of vice chairman Advocate Bashir Ahmad Butt, Zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal, Ghulam Muhammad Dar and district president Muhammad Ishaaq Ganie reached Akingam Achabal Islamabad and participated in the funeral prayers and burial of Martyr Mir Hafiz-u-Allah. Advocate Bashir Ahmad Butt also addressed the condolence gathering and paid rich tributes to the great soul. JKLF delegation also expressed solidarity with his bereaved family.

                Terming the killing of Mir Hafiz-u-Allah as most atrocious and naked act of state repression and a personal loss, JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik in his sorrowful message from incarceration said that nation of Kashmir has today lost a prudent voice, a humble son of soil and brave resistance leader whose absence will be felt for long. Recalling his personal friendship and association with Martyr Mir Hafiz-u-Allah, JKLF incarcerated chairman said that in 2014, he was lodged in Mattan jail Islamabad where Mir Hafiz-u-Allah was already languishing. His humble attitude, soft approach, upright wisdom, political sensibility and other qualities soon brought us close and we shared our thoughts and ideas for hours. Martyr Mir sahib endured incarcerations, torture, torment and apathy from Indian authorities and forces but never budged before the tyranny and occupation. Terming his demise as a personal loss, JKLF chairman said that only few days back Martyr Mir sahib visited JKLF office at Srinagar and informed me about the threats from Indian forces and police and how suspicious vehicles were roaming around his residence and how he was receiving threatening calls from authorities. His worries came true today and he was gunned down in cold blood in front of his wife, asserted JKLF chairman. JKLF chairman said that Martyr Mir Hafiz-u-Allah was a classic example of Indian oppression and how India treated peaceful political activists, tortured and tormented them, pushed them to the wall and hence forced them to tread the path of ultimate sacrifice. Lately Mir Hafiz-u-Allah faced this Indian wrath in 2016 when his residential house was vandalized and damaged by Indian forces and police and his poor family was tortured and tormented to suppress his peaceful political voice and dissent. JKLF chairman while praying for his heavenly abode also prayed for his bereaved family.

                Meanwhile JKLF leaders and activists organized various condolence meetings on the martyrdom day of Shuhadai-e-Alikadal.various functions were held in Europe, UK, Middle East, Rawalpindi and in different districts of AJK wherein rich tributes were paid to the great martyrs of Alikadal, Srinagar. A central function presided over by vice Chairman Saleem Haroon was held in Rawalpindi wherein Dy. Secretary General Sajid Sidiqi, senior leaders Sardar Anwar Adv, Sardar Hanif, Saleem Butt, Aftab Ahmed, Manzoor Khan, Tanveer Aziz and many others spoke about the valor and commitment exhibited by Shaheed-e-Hurriyet Sheikh Abdul Hameed, Shaheed Mushtaq Lone, Shaheed Jameel Choudhry and others. Rasib Kashmiri, a visiting JKLF leader from UK Zone also spoke on the occasion. While speaking to the audience, Saleem Haroon reiterated the pledge to carry on the struggle left half way by these martyrs to its logical conclusion of freedom. He very briefly put light on the way Sheikh Abdul Hameed, Mushtaq Lone and Jameel Choudhry struggled in Kashmir and said that their struggle works as a torch bearer for all party members.To let the dreams of all martyrs of Jammu Kashmir come true, speakers on the occasion pledged to carry on the struggle of freedom under the dynamic leadership of Chairman JKLF, Muhammad Yasin Malik. At the end of the function, special prayer dua’a was held for Shuhadai-e-Kashmir.