On JRL call, JKLF leaders and activists stage peaceful protests at Kokerbazar and Budshah chowk

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By FK WEB DESK on 16/11/2018.

On JRL call, JKLF leaders and activists stage peaceful protests at Kokerbazar and Budshah chowk

    Srinagar, 16 November:  innocent killings, oppression and suppression, spree of arrests and other acts of tyranny have turned Kashmir into a worst hell. Common people are being subject to such oppression which can only be termed as worst dictatorship in the name of democracy. This was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik while condemning the ongoing and unrelenting oppression unleashed by Indian forces throughout Kashmir valley. Meanwhile on JRL call, JKLF leaders and activists along with people from many walks of life staged two separate protest programs at Koker Bazar and Budshah chowk Srinagar. JKLF zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal, Zonal organizer Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri and others participated in protest rally at Kokerbazar. President Lal-chowk traders association Deen Muhammad Matoo and Resistance Leader Javed Ahmad Mir also participated in the protest program. The protest program was addressed by Noor Muhammad Klawal.  At Budshah Chowk, JKLF leaders including vice chairman Showkat Ahmad Bakshi, zonal general secretary Sheikh Abdul Rashid, zonal vice president Muhammad Sideeq Shah, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Ashraf Bin Salam, Professor Javed, Muhammad Hanif Dar along with many people participated in this protest program. The protest was addressed by JKLF leader Showkat Ahmad Bakhshi and others.

Meanwhile JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik has strongly condemned the ongoing oppression in Jammu Kashmir especially in the south and north of Kashmir valley. JKLF chairman said that on one hand Indian rulers and their Kashmiri stooges claim and propagate democracy and on the other hand are suppressing peoples voices through military and police might which is continuing unabated. He said that claims of democracy and continuous tyranny and oppression against unarmed civilians and peaceful political resistance can never go side by side .JKLF chairman said that Jammu Kashmir is run by police might and killing innocent humans, arresting peaceful political activists and leaders has become a normal here which is highly condemnable. He said that beating people, vandalizing their properties, humiliating honorable citizens has become a new normal for Indian forces that have no respect for human life or dignity. He said that crackdowns have become a daily routine and during these military operations, beating common people without the discrimination of age and gender, arresting, torturing and humiliating innocents, vandalizing and destroying properties, blasting and burning down residential houses and private vehicles has increased at an alarming proportion which is an evidence of this state being a police state . He said that killings, arrests, lootings and shootings cannot put a nation into submission which has resolved to fight for its freedom and dignity.  Indian rulers must realize that People of Jammu Kashmir cannot be put into submission by these tyrannical acts and killings. In fact our resolve to achieve freedom and right to self-determination gets strengthen by this oppression, asserted JKLF chief.

JKLF chairman said that Kashmiris are facing worst apathy in Indian jails like Tihar jail and jails of Jammu Kashmir including Udhampor jail, Khutua Jail, Hiranagar jail, Amphala jail Jammu, Srinagar central jail, Mattan Jail, Baramullah Jail, Kupwara jail, Kot-Balwal jail and other incarceration centers. He said that India being a signatory to the Geneva Convention on prisoners was supposed to adhere to the international law but contrary to this, India is employing every oppressive means to inflict more and more harm to these inmates and suppressing them ruthlessly.  He said that torturing inmates, putting them in solitary confinements and cells, humiliating their visitors have become common practice of authorities in jails. While condemning the prolonged incarceration of JKLF leaders  Sheikh Nazir Ahmad ,Siraj Ud din Mir, Zahoor Ahmad Butt, Abdul Rashid Magloo, Assadullah Sheikh, Ghulam Nabi Kashmiri  and thousands of others who are languishing in different Jails under PSA or other black laws, JKLF chairman said that slapping repeated PSA’s, employing police tactics to prolong incarceration of prisoners, using agencies like NIA, ED to put Kashmiris in Indian jails, shifting lifers and other detainees from Kashmiri jails to jails in Jammu, denying proper medical facilities’ to inmates , torturing, beating, putting them into solitary confinements, keeping them naked inside prison cells, humiliating and torturing their kith and kin who come to see them at jails and other incarceration centers and other oppressive measures like these have become a routine in Jammu Kashmir and it is the obligation of the international community, human rights organizations, civil societies, ,International Red cross (ICRC) and others to take note of this , intervene to safeguard the rights of these prisoners of conscience and use their good offices to save these Kashmiri innocents from Indian wrath.