Panchayat Elections: People shocked as their forms submitted without consent 

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By Fast Kashmir on 19/11/2018.

Panchayat Elections: People shocked as their forms submitted without consent 

Srinagar, November 19: In the wake of panchayat election many controversial matters are coming forward as people are claiming that their forms have been submitted for the post of Panch and sarpanch without their consent.

In one such incident, Mohammad Amin Bhat S/o Khazir Amin Bhat hailing from Aloosa Bandipora who is a carpenter by profession is shocked about his form submission for Panch and Sarpanch both which he got to know from his neighbors and his friends and had no idea how that was possible.

While talking to KNB , Amin said , “I am saddened to know about the form that has been submitted in my name that too not from my ward but from another ward. Every person in my area thought that I have filed form of Sarpanch which I have not. After knowing about this from my friends and neighbors I went to DC Office to cancel my form but they refused to do so saying that the last day is over. I am really upset and in stress.”

While expressing his grief about this he further added, “I am a poor man and work hard every day to survive and have no link and interest in Politics at all.”

Meanwhile, many videos are circulated on social networking sites in which people are claiming that they haven’t submitted any form but are being informed that you have submitted a form and that is totally baseless.” They are confused about this process and are demanding clarity in this matter.

In concern to these incidents, it seems like panchayat elections is creating a lot of confusions and controversies in the rural areas. These forms that have been submitted in the names of people without their own will by some unknown person is adding to more suspense in the current electoral process.

However, Panchayat elections is on the row which started from 17 November and will end on 11 December. The first phase of panchayat election is already over and results were declared. Two mainstream political parties , PDP and NC stayed away from the electoral exercise due to the legal challenge to Article 35-A of the Constitution in the Supreme Court. (KNB)