Peace Mind in Kashmir is Possible: Sane Voices

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By Fast Kashmir on 07/11/2018.

Peace Mind in Kashmir is Possible: Sane Voices

Yasmeen Manzoor

Srinagar,  Nov 07: Peace is a state of psychological or spiritual calmness, keeping oneself calm in the face of apparent discord or stress. It is not just a beautiful definition it is a condition of mind by which the equanimity of soul is brought.

In a social sense, peace is commonly used to mean lack of conflict or war and freedom from fret of violence between individuals or relatively distinct groups. Peace can be initiated with a certain quality of inner serenity that does not depend upon the uncertainties of daily life for its existence. Peaceful behavior sometimes results from a peaceful inner disposition. The asset of such a “peaceful internal disposition” for oneself and others can contribute to resolving of otherwise seemingly incompatible interests. Islam is the religion of peace and love, the very first verse of the Quran reads: In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, and the most Compassionate.

This verse, which is repeated in the Quran almost 115 times, clearly shows that the God of Islam is the God of Mercy and Compassion, and the book of Islam too is the book of mercy. Another verse says, “And God calls to the home of peace.” This means that the destination of Islam is peace. All the teachings of Islam are oriented towards the goal of peace. The meanings of peace in accordance with the people, obviously, are same in some point and different in another point depending upon their personal views.Some believe that peace is increasingly seen as a dynamic, participative, long term process, based on universal values and everyday practice, at all levels the family the school, the community as well as the nation.Others say that Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about by the serenity of soul.  Peace is a home where there is laughter, cuddling, and quiet moments of just feeling good about all that is around.

Peace is a conversation that makes you think. It is holding hands and just walking deep in thought and comfort, knowing there is nothing we cannot do and all is okay.It is being accepted for who we are while be challenged on how we can be better. Peace can be two-faced. It is calm yet stirs our soul with inspiration. Peace lowers barriers while strengthens our inner spirit. Peace can be a dying breath and living fully. Peace unclutters and encumbers. Like other younger generations around the world, Kashmiri youth are influenced by the hyper-connectedness brought about by social media. They share some of the same anger and frustrations of youth elsewhere, including in India.

But they have grown up in a society where civil and political life have been hollowed out by conflict. They have less recourse to political processes that might address their grievances.Kashmir may be headed for a new and ever-deepening cycle of violence. Yet if there is a glimmer of hope , it is in the fact that attitudes have shifted so frequently over the years, and in the ambivalence and variety of views both within and between generations. If minds can be changed once, they can be changed again. We need to educate our children and youth about values, respecting their parents and teacher Young people in the last 22 years of violence, disturbances and shut downs have lost their sense of roots, the rich cultural heritage Kashmir has and parents and grandparents who earlier had time for their children and grandchildren are caught up in their own turmoil.

Recently, a soul threatening incident which took place in Kulgam, in which more than seven youth including a minor were killed, due to which the society and families in Kashmir had broken down, the youth too are lost in this chaos. We need peace on Earth so that the families at the war affected places can again live a peaceful and healthy life.

Now, even if this reason is not appealing to you, then you can think about peace for your individual need only. War and unstable conditions of countries affect us, not only psychologically but also in many other aspects. War affects the trade of a country, which in turn affects the life of the citizens. So, even if your country is not at war, then also your life would be affected. (KNB)