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By FK WEB DESK on 27/11/2018.

Jammu, Nov 27: Two days state committee meeting of J&K CITU, presided over by its president, M.Y.Tarigami concluded today at Jammu.

Thread bear discussion was held on the plight of the working class due to regressive and anti-labour policies being pursued by the present dispensation at Delhi.

While addressing the meeting, M.Y.Tarigami said that the BJP-led central government is formulating the labour laws which are totally pro-corporate and anti-labour class in nature, which are bound to curtail the social security benefits to the working force.  As a result of this regressive step the condition of the working force is bound to be affected adversely.  “The claims of economic growth do not carry any weight when the statistics reveal that out of the additional wealth created during 2017-18, 73% has been earned by 1% of the population.  Growth is always immaterial when its fruits do not percolate to the larger sections of the society”, he said.  Every section of the society has been bearing the brunt of the neo-liberal economic policies of the government and we witness that farmers suicides go unabated despite the tall claims of the government that measures have been taken to provide assistance to them.

He emphasised that CITU  must take lead in uniting various trade unions to fight the onslaught of the anti labour policies pursued by central government.

Dr.Kashmir Singh Thakur, national secretary CITU highlighted the move of the central govt.to dole out the PSUs including banks, insurance, railways, defence, BSNL etc.to the corporate houses and MNCs which is bound to put the future of lakhs of the working force engaged in these prestigious organizations into jeopardy.  As such, it becomes imparative for the working class to get united to fight this draconian move the government.  He said that Indian Labour Conference in 2015 had recommended the regularisation of Anganwadi workers/helpers; ASHAs and MDM workers but nothing has been done to implement this recommendation. They are not even brought under social security cover and minimum wage act, adding that the workers engaged in various projects and schemes are not even paid what the government has already notified.  We must launch united struggle for implementation of minimum wages of Rs.18000/-pm to the working force.  He also condemned the nexus of management, administration and police in curbing the trade union rights to fight for genuine issues of the workers.

  Provisions of social security benefits including pension, EPF and ESI are not extended to all sections of working force for which persistent struggle has to be continued, he said. “Condemning the government move to put the hard earned money on account of EPF, ESI etc.estimated to be Rs.24 lakh crores of the working force into stock market involving market risks is bound to have severe consequences in case market crashs, he added that only organised and united struggle of trade unions can put pressure on govt.to stop the move.”

Omprakash, General Secretary JK CITU while lamenting the central government for its anti people policies said that prices of essential commodities have crossed all limits.  The cooking gas cylinder which used to cost Rs.420/- in 2014 costs more than Rs.1000/- presently.  Is this the reflection of ‘Ache Din’ he said and added that  the  prices of diesel and petrol are substantially very high in comparison to international market.  The regular employment in public and private sectors  is being substituted by contractualization and outsourcing  resulting into discontent in the rank and file of educated unemployed youth.  He urged upon the govt.to simplify the registration process of construction workers which should be made time bound, payment of financial assistance including scholarship, marriage assistance etc.into the accounts of construction workers within a stipulated period of time to mitigate their miseries.  The unions be allowed to participate in the board meetings of the Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Welfare Board to represent the workers.  The daily wagers, casual labourers, need based workers, CPWs engaged in various govt.departments including PHE, PDD, R&B, I&FC, Education etc.be regularised and their pending wages released, he stressed.  Welfare board on the pattern of construction workers should be framed in case of artisans whose condition is deplorable.

It was decided that conferences and seminars on tehsil and district levels will be organized by CITU to further the struggle against the anti people policies of the government.  The CITU will work tirelessly in coordination with other trade unions to make nation wide struggle to be held on January 8/9 against the anti workers policies of govt.a great success.

Among others, senior CITU leaders including Ab Gani Bhat Raj Kumar, Jagdesh Kumar, Muzaffar Ahmad Wani , Ab.Rashid Najjar, Mohd.Ismail , Ved Wickle Misra,Anu ,Lateefa,etc.also addressed the meeting.