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By FK WEB DESK on 07/11/2018.

Mehtab Ali

Srinagar, Nov 07: Women in Kashmir have always proved themselves in every situation of life. They have a specific purpose of their own, and these purposes can be effectively reached only by them. In present generation, women of Kashmiri love to work independent and have their own name in the society. They are taking responsibility of themselves and achieving big in this world. They are stepping towards bold career choices.

Girls are educated and are set free to achieve their goals .In villages young girls learn knitting , threading , tailoring at a very young age and now they are making it commercial and making money out of it . With the opportunity of gaining modern education, women in Kashmir go for religious education as well. These Women have taken so much responsibilities on themselves that they cannot be considered as a burden anymore.

Kashmiri Women have achieved so much on her own that she deserves to love and honored by her every person of this. The women in Kashmir were valued in homes and now are esteemed outside their homes as well.

Talking about Roles and responsibilities of a women the Kashmir News Bureau team interviewed two powerful and extraordinary ladies of Kashmir Saafena Baig who is the president of female Wing PDP, and Nuzhat Gul who is Secretary Golf Club Kashmir .

While discussing the Status of a women in Kashmir, Saafena Baig said, “Kashmiri women have many responsibilities and are successfully meeting them which is a good thing and the younger generation girls are taking bold professions like journalism. With that I want them to consider politics as an option of career and get involved more in decision making field which can bring tremendous changes in society” .

“Through violence we will not get anything, so women has to play a important role to watch their wards.” She added

With time and awareness women are allowed to maintain a strong status in society. Empowering women has always been a topic globally, women in Kashmir has been practically seen working on empowering themselves nowadays, with so many female achievers in the valley.

While talking to Nuzhat Gul regarding responsibilities of women, she said, “It is the biggest responsibility of a girl to understand how superior she is in this world. Women is a multitasker , she plays every role very well. Be that a Role of a Daughter, mother, sister or wife. And now women is no more inferior than men in career. Women must take more and more part in Male dominating fields or professions and they can do better than men in any field with a bit of confidence. Women must start focusing on their self development and achieve the best for herself in this society ” .

The role, status and responsibilities of women in Kashmir at this point have attained higher felicitation and appreciation for themselves in the society . She is now capable to demand her freedom in the society.

Women in Kashmir meets her responsibilities with so much dedication and have maintained a better social status. Everyone must respect women and her achievements and support her in fulfilling her responsibilities and those who disrespect women or deem them definitely has a lesser or lower function or role to play in the Human Society. (KNB)