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By FK WEB DESK on 27/12/2018.

An open Letter to Respected Nouman Nowsheeri Sahab
By: Saif Ali Rafizi (Budgam)

Asalam o alykum
Dear Respected Islamic Scholor Muslim *Nouman Nowsheeri* Sahab.
اے مسلماں اپنے دل سے پوچھ ، ملا سے نہ پوچھ۔
ہوگیا اللہ کے بندوں سے کیوں خالی حرم۔ (اقبال)
We “Kufaars” always treat Khalfaye Rashedeen (RA) as Prophet Muhammad (saww) did And undoubtedly you all Muslims should similarly.
Dear Nowsheeri Sahab. As per your ideology,  we are “Kufaars” and you are so called the true follower of Prophet Muhammad (saww) and Sahaba Kiram (R.A) .
Now tell me how would you treat with Kufaars and their religion being the follower of Prophet Muhammad (saww) and Sahaba Kiram (R.a)?
Did Allah and Prophet Muhammad (saww) give you right to label and disrespect other religions. If yes? Give me the references of the books. If No! Then whom do you want to please?
Did Almighty Allah assure you right to label such “fatwaas” Do you think Allah has made you “Maseeha” and sends orders directly to you?  How beautifully Dr Alama Iqbal answers people like you.
دل ہے مسلمان تیرا نہ میرا۔
تو بھی نمازی میں بھی نمازی۔
Dear Nowsheeri Sahab:
Islam and religion of Prophet Muhammad (saww) is not as cheap and easy as you think and consider.
Islam is so high though the one who worships day and night for a life time in the Mosque still can’t claim and be proud for heaven. A single good deed can please Allah and a single wrong deed can displease Allah.
Wearing long beard, dressing long open Aba, followed by thousands of people and occupying “Mehrab” doesn’t make you a true follower of Prophet Muhammad (saww) and “Maseeha”.
Again Dr. Iqbal has answer for you. OH the people!
تیرا امام بے حضور ،تیری نماز بے سرور۔
ایسی نماز سے گزر، ایسے ایمان سے گزر۔
“What makes you a good human being first is Islam? Islam makes one loving, caring, sympathetic, benevolent, merciful, patient, polite, humble and Human.
But Alaas!! I never found any above etiquettes in your character. What I always found? Hatredness, Harshness, violence, angriness and impatience. Be calm man! Everyone’s final and ultimate destination and wish is to reach heaven. Hope yours is not different! If yes? I request you to relax alone for some time being in solace and ponder on wholeheartedly, intelligently, wisely, humanistically and Islamically. What you actually want? What’s your target? What’s your destination?
OH! No. Is this all scenario to please your people? Do you do this to defeat other Islamic Scholor of other communities? Do you want to highlight that you know everything? Or you just want to please Almighty Allah (swt).
Simultaneously the wish and desire of Prophet Muhammad, his progeny, Sahaba Kiram (PBUT) were just to please Allah, they didn’t want to take even a step to where Almighty Allah wouldn’t be pleased.
But here it seems all reverse. I usually find your speeches adorned with the Pleasures of Iblees, Abu Jahl and more.
I have been hearing since my childhood that many “Kufaars” have converted to Islam inspired by the polite behavior of Prophet Muhammad (saww). If Prophet  Muhammad (saww) had may Allah forbid adopted the behavior like you? Alas! How could be the status of Islam today? He has never spoken like yours, so whom did you copy?
Imam Ali (a.s) says “Guide the people by your deeds, not by the tongue”.
Dear Nowsheeri Sahab
The people of Kashmir especially Muslims are already engulfed in many issues. Your “Membar and Mehraab” should work as a guide for the people to come out of such issues rather than gifting them such issues whose smell never withers and enmies become more happier and clap for you.
Thus if you want  we “Kufars” to covert to Islam? You should firstly learn the behavior of Prophet Muhammad (saww) Sahaba Kiram (R.A). Your hatred speeches can create more hatredness in the Hearts of we “Kufars”.
What do you want to show to people?
یوں تو سید بھی ہو، مرزا بھی ہو، افغان بھی ہو۔
تم سبھی کچھ ہو بتاؤ تو مسلمان بھی ہو۔
That You are famous and great Scholor of the valley and you know everything. May be you know a lot but that’s not everything. Islam and knowledge is not only what you know? May be you are best for your people. But never expect all people, all religions and all communities to obey and follow you and your ideology. Not at all! There are hundreds of such events mentioned in the Islamic history where some so called time’s great scholars believed like you. But timely Almighty Allah has always best punishments and rewards for such people accordingly.
Sometimes i see in your lectures you treat other communities as if you are the contractor of heaven and hell (Janat_Jaham) and people necessarily need your verification to enter heaven.
What the hell?
ابلیس گیا مارا ایک سجدہ نہ کرنے سے۔
ورنہ ہزاروں سال سجدوں میں سر مارا تو کیا مارا۔
You Know Iblees had the similar thought “that I am and nobody is_He rejected Hazrat Adam (a.s) thought that he was better and superior than Hazrat Adam (a.s). And he too had worshiped Almighty Allah for lakhs of years before, but what made him Iblees was his Pride, arrogance and ego of superiority. He similarly labeled Hazrat Adam (a.s) as the Man of Dust, likewise you label the people “Kufaars” and Zindiqh.
Again the son of Hazrat Adam (as) ‘Kabeel’ similarly thought I am superior than “Habeel”. But what did Allah had for him? Alaas!!
خبر نہیں کہ سفینے ڈبو چکی کتنے۔
فقیہ و صوفی و ملا کی نا خوش اندیشی۔
Dear Nowsheeri Sahab! Actually you had problem with Moulana Qanoongo Sahab, think if he reacts to you in the same way you did? What will be the reaction of your followers? Hatredness between the people, and consider there are two brothers one follows you and another follows him. Tell me will your speeches create love between them or hatredness? So if you want brothers to fight and make violence only on the three minutes speech of Qanoongo. Hope Allah will be pleased with your fuel you added to the fire.
Moulana Qanoongo Sahab has witnessed and watched himself, but you are only beating the filled drum without watching or witnessing anything. Someone is munafiq!
Currently Kashmir is among the most conflicted zones of the world, but I swear this is only because (Membars, Mehraabs, Dastaars) have been hijacked. These were the places/Responsibilities that inspired the generations and rebuilded civilizations since ages but see now all reverse in Kashmir.
Tommorow some other Scholor will climb the “Membar” and will oppose and abuse you? And your followers will decorate social media with hatred speeches against him? Who will win and who will lose? And what will be the result? Hatredness among the people!
You know: Wherever you prostrate heartily before Almighty Allah, will work as witness for you in the judgement day.
But you differentiated Mosques in the name of Communities and named (Masjid as Mandir) no matter what you name or label at the end all have to answer Almighty Allah and undoubtedly he is fully aware and watching the hearts of all. None can see other than Allah. And I wish I could see you there in the judgement day leading the same people whom you lead right now.
Respected Nowsheeri Sahab;
See this is my religion that teaches me to respect even enmies, this is my religion that teaches me (To Live and let others live), to perform and let others perform as per the religion, to respect their beliefs though may not be same in our religion or community.
This is my religion that you call (Kufaars/Rafizis) and this (Kafir/Rafiz) wants to be a Muslim, and be sure I will consult you. Whenever I will find  the true character like  Holly Prophet Muhammad (saww) and Sahaba kiram (R.A) in you.
Thank you Dear Respected Islamic Scholor the Muslim Nouman Nowsheeri Sahab
With Best Regards
From: *Saif Ali Rafizi* (Budgam)