As the start of 40-day-long Chalai-e-Kalan ‘Wall of Kindness’ comes up in Qazigund

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By Fast Kashmir on 23/12/2018.

As the start of 40-day-long Chalai-e-Kalan ‘Wall of Kindness’ comes up in Qazigund

Umaisar Gull Ganie

Qazigund, Dec 23: As the start of 40-day-long Chalai-e-Kalan (coldest period of winter) in Kashmir sub-zero temperature sets off a biting cold wave in Kashmir, a wave of warmth is spreading across the Valley with people donating winter clothing to the needy.


The ‘wall of kindness’, a charitable initiative for donating clothes to needy and poor, has reached Qazigund town, (Gateway of Kashmir) in South Kashmir’s Anantnag district.


“The Wall of kindness goes with the tagline of ‘Take if you need, hang if you have,” a place where anyone can contribute clothes in view of harsh winter,”


The charity wall, which was introduced in Iran and from there reached Pakistan and several other countries, has surprisingly surfaced on the wall of a building in Qazigund.


‘Wall of Kindness’ initiative is also known as ‘Deewar-e-Meherbani’ in some countries like Iran.


Behind the initiative, which has received applause from people on social media, is the Kashmir chapter of WhoisHussian, a charitable organisation inspired by Hazrat Hussain (RA) and spread in several countries.


On the wall people can keep clothes apart from other articles for the needy, who can pick them up without having to move from door-to-door.


The concept is based on anonymity, so that both the giver and sender remain anonymous without lessening dignity of people in need.


The wall, which is painted in black and white, has several hangers on which people can hang clothes.


24 year-old Aabid Malik, a government employee, who had come to donate a bag of warm clothes from the Qazigund village on the bike appreciated the organisers.


“This is really a positive initiative. One can imagine that poor people will have not to beg door to door anymore. They can come here and take the clothing of their own choice. Such a charity work is the necessity of the hour,” said Malik.


With the spark set by the Srinagar youth, the charity work has now been picked up by the people of various districts of the Kashmir.


The ‘Wall of Kindness’ has now reached to north Kashmir’s Baramulla, Sopore and Handwara towns, South Kashmir’s Pulwama town, Qazigund town and central Kashmir’s Budgam district.