Bemoan Over the Murder of Syed Shujaat Bukhari, solution Needed at Par

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By Fast Kashmir on 30/12/2018.

Bemoan Over the Murder of Syed Shujaat Bukhari, solution Needed at Par

By, Sheikh Arshid

The Kashmir conflict is a territorial one primarily between Pakistan and India, having started just after the partition of India in 1947.India claims the entire erstwhile primarily state of Jammu and Kashmir based on an instrument of accession signed in 1947.

Pakistan claims Jammu and Kashmir based on it’s majority of Muslim population but the valley of Kashmir got crushed in between and are tied with self determination only.All the three issues meddling in such a way that the two countries have fought many wars and also involved in several skirmishes. Democratic development was limited in Kashmir untill 1970 and by 1988 many of democratic reforms introduced by the Indian government had been reversed.

Non violent channels for expressing discontent were there for limited and caused a dramatic increase in support of insurgents and advocating violent secession from India.In 1987, a disputed State election created a catalyst for the insurgency when it in some of the state’s legislative assembly members formed armed insurgent group. In July 1988 a series of demonstrations , strikes and attacks on the Indian government began the Kashmir insurgency.
lakhs of people died as result of turmoil in Jammu and Kashmir,the conflict has become worse in recent years. Protest created voice to Kashmir dispute and grievances with the Indian government, specifically the Indian millitary have been active in Jammu and Kashmir since 1989.

So there are large number of protests and demonstrations against the Indian government and raised the issue of dispute and want self determination. While the Pakistan played a key role in disclosing the dispute in front of all international organization and also raised the voice of Kashmir in different summits and conferences.The Pakistan army officially entered the conflict and wanted to cut the lines of communication of Indian forces but if plebiscite is used as an instrumental thing then people of Kashmir can decide their fate. The Indian government considered itself to be under legal possession by virtue of accession of state.
Now this dispute has taken the full gravity and Kashmirian are on no man’s land.lakhs of civilian got killed as a result of being targeted by the various armed groups and around 40000 women have become widowed,10000 woman inclueding young girls have been rapped,60000 children have become orphan and not only this many houses were raised to the ground by Indian army.Each and every individual of Kashmir feeling insecure and it is found a deadly storm has uprooted the people from basic right.
There were lengthy talks and discussions about this conflict but still all in vain.

At the international level there were some conferences organized regarding this dispute but still kashmirian are waiting for the permanent solution.
The land of Kashmir has become the bed of dead bodies and it became a usual way that everyday a case of murder or assassination or killing is reported. Now there is no guarantee about the survival of youth as they have been involved in rashing and dreadful movements. The person who tried to highlight the issue in past was murdered or killed and numerous freedom fighters were got killed under this cause.

Few months back such type of incident has taken place when yet another freedom fighter Syed sujjat Bhukhari got killed out side the press enclave. Bhukhari was a Editor of Rising Kashmir news paper , before 18 years he had been Targeted and was given security.It is heart wrenching to see these kind of persons who are highlighting the issue of Kashmir got killed or looted by one or other way.Bhukhari tried his best to raise the voice of Kashmir through his speechs or writtings but terrorist found an equal opportunity to numb his voice.

Now for the view point that Indian government should come up front and to start a dialogue with the separatists leaders but don’t forget Pakistan must be involved in dialogue to find a permanent solution so that at least barbarism and brutal killing of people should be stopped otherwise rulers will rule but to a no man’s land.

Author is Research Scholar hailing from Kuchmullah Tral.