Budgam’s Chattergam houses Asia’s largest Chinar tree

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By Fast Kashmir on 20/12/2018.

Budgam’s Chattergam houses Asia’s largest Chinar tree

Sadam Hussain Pandow

Budgam, Dec 20: Asia’s largest living chinar tree is sited at Central Kashmiri’s Budgam, Chattergam area. The chinar tree is nearly 700 year old.


Chinar in Kashmir is a majestic tree. The tree seems everywhere in Kashmir including outside shrines, river banks, lakes and inside famous Mughal gardens of Kashmir. The tree glorifies Kashmir more in spring and autumn season by fetching greenery and red leaves.


In Kashmiri language, people call it ‘Buen’ while its botanical name is Platanus Orientals (oriental plane). It grows in most parts of the valley with an immense height and circumference.


The tree located at Chattergam is nearly 700 years old claimed by first Mohammad Sultan Wadoo in 1374 AD.


Wadoo’s Book reveals “the Chinar tree has surpassed an earlier Chinar tree located at Bijbihara that is 19.70 meters in width and 13.30 meters in height. The book also states the tree was planted in 1374 by a revered saint, Syed Qasim Shah (RA), who accompanied Mir Syed Ali Hamdani (RA) from Hamdan, Iran, whose shrine is next to the tree.


The place where the Chinar exists is therefore, a sacred place for the area.
The tree is close to 44.34 feet tall with amazing girth 95.55 feet at ground level.


At chest level, its width is less than its ground level girth. Locals said they have heard from their forebears that the majestic tree vacillated and its limbs collapsed many times but it never succumbs and hurt them.