Chenab Valley witnesses 1193 accident in last five years

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By FK WEB DESK on 24/12/2018.

Chenab Valley witnesses 1193 accident in last five years

Sajad Bashir

Srinagar 24 Dec: In Jammu and Kashmir, road accidents are claiming more lives than the armed-related violence. According to RTI the Chenab valley has witnessed 1193 accidents in last five years . Deputy superintendent of police, national highway Ramban in reply state that nearly 55 persons died and more than 70 passenger got injured during last three years in the chenab valley at different locations mostly in kishtwar and Ramban area .

Only In 2018 atleat 45 passenger have been killed and 55 injured, in April2018, 22 passenger died in two accident over 24 hours in kishtwar ,besides in October 22 passengers died and 13 got critically injured at kalamorh are of Ramban district

At least 14,407 civilians were killed in 77,786 road accidents in the 13 years from 2004 to June 2017, which also injured 1,07,622 people as per records from the J&K Traffic Police and the central Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

In 2015, as per the figures compiled by the Traffic Police, 917 persons lost their lives in 8,142 road accidents which were reported from various parts of the state.  During the year 2016, as per the report compiled by the Traffic Department, indicating the data for the first three quarters of the year 2016, 4,132 road accidents were reported from the Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh regions, in which 665 persons lost their lives. Of these, 3,621 were non-fatal accidents, while 511 were fatal. Nearly 6,000 were also injured in the accidents

Talking to KNB Mudasir Ahmah Ahangar a disaster management student said “The Government should strive to ensure that the mobile trauma ambulances are available for the 24 hours with adequate men power and equipment’s beside the hospitals alongside the National Highway and State Highways should be adequately equipped to provide for trauma care and rehabilitation.

“Due to lack of training the police are unable to Capture  various human ,infrastructural, and vehicular factors that cause the accident and the whole blame is usually heaped on driver as a result various other reasons which usually leads to accidents are kept under cover “a local police officer wishing anonymity said

 Traffic accidents are an outcome of the interplay of various factors, some of which are the length of road network, vehicle population, human population and adherence/ enforcement of road safety regulations etc. Road accident causes injuries, fatalities, disabilities and hospitalization with severe socio economic costs. (KNB)