Factotum Mr.Nisar Ahmad Sheikh’s Tragic demise

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By FK WEB DESK on 21/12/2018.

Factotum Mr.Nisar Ahmad Sheikh’s Tragic demise

A setback to Education department Zone lorgam

Master Nisar Ahmad

Sheikh, BATAGUND considered as most important figure in whole town TRAL, Professionally he was teacher and was acting as Headmaster of Govt Middle school Laam, Aripal. He was a social activist, educationist and well known academician. He was engaged in different community development schemes and helpful for poor people. At his early age he began his teaching career and given hundred percent to do the justice with the teaching. On passing time he gained much more experience and explored the innovative methods of teaching and also worked as trainer to train students and teachers not only at zonal level but at district and State level as well.

He belongs to well known family having great reputation in Education and teaching. He was very much interested in study and later on opted teaching as noble profession, has got great deal of passion in it. He has been very much successful in teaching and achieved a big name in the field of education. He was a noble soul and supported number of children financially and morally. Even he used to go door to door to aware people about the fruits of education. He motivated the people with skill and style, by using noble language, tried his best that no one should remain educationally blank at village and zonal level.

He took up his ideas and made them part of life and tried hard to change these into fruitful and beneficial way for the society. From the day of teaching he turned the way of teaching into a mission to educate all children belonging to varied caste, Creed, color and religion. He was single mind determined to educate each and every child of his own area. He taught in tin sheds with shabby and stinky conditions with full zeal and zest,even he taught students under open sky if fascilities were lacking in but never looked disinterested in performing his duty.

The qualities whom were everyone got impressed ,on the way to school he used to motivate those children who were playing in the cricket fields or doing odd jobs like taking cattle to fields or just wasting time idly ,also advised them on spot and urged them to go to school and even communicating with their parents, tried hard to solve the hurdles and issues. After school hours he used to instruct students at his home and they were slowly acting and becoming serious of their purpose.

Master Nisar Ahmad gave lessons to children in the way of proper motivation and dedication. He taught his students to enlighten them in different fields of education. He has great faith and trust in his teaching and helped every child to come out from darkness.

Apart from the teaching, he served as an educational consultant as he possessed sound knowledge of curriculum development, teacher training and understanding of institutional developments from inception to management, adminstration, affliations with academic and public relations. He has specialisation in creating curriculum at BOSE and DIET level.

Moreover he had a great hold on Urdu literature and was widely inspired by the poetry of Allama Iqbal (RA) and considered as an important figure in the Urdu teaching. He wrote number of poems in Urdu and Kashmiri and expressed his ideas and thoughts in easy way. He has also a great interest in Islamic studies and having a nice hold on Islamic teachings.He wrote few books on skills of teaching and Islam and through his writing he got a considerable recognition in the Education department and society.

He was also a creative and collaborative speaker , communicates his ideas clearly and concisely. He provided a better perispective in the field of education. He was never a boring person, his gestures and expressions were punctuated to accuracy and smiling way. He was never afraid of weakness and made things get going easy in his life. He had a great interest in natural beauty and tried to practise at home by growing apple trees of different varieties and other crops so developed many orchards. He always opened a helping hand to needy and poor farmers and giving them proper advices on crop cultivation.

Finally a noble soul departed from our lap but left footprints which are enough to follow to achieve the measurable goals in life of teachers and students.

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad
Research scholar
Kuchmullah TRAL.