Hooliganism deliberate attempt to discredit Hurriyat Leadership: JKIPM

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By FK WEB DESK on 30/12/2018.

Hooliganism deliberate attempt to discredit Hurriyat Leadership: JKIPM

Srinagar, 29 Dec: Jammu and Kashmir Islamic Peace Movement highly condemning the act of some masked youth backed by agencies to discredit the image of Kashmir as a whole.


Anybody involving in such anti-Islamic activities, attempted to desecrate the pulpit of famous historic Jamia Masjid wouldn’t be tolerated at any cost.


 In order to create discord within the Islamic Ummah and try to tarnish the image of true Islam, will never bow us down against foreign backed agencies in Kashmir.


Strategy has been evolved to create an atmosphere of anarchy and confusion among the people with an aim to dump real issues in the state and highlight non issues internationally.

The Executive Member of Islamic Peace Movement Aga Syed Idrees Rizvi told media that, “Nothing has been proved about the presence of ISIS and Taliban in any part of Kashmir valley.


The Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) have always distanced itself from ISIS, Al Qaida and said that our movement has nothing to do with these international groups.


In valley, radical ideologies have no space to grow due to historic bond of unity among people residing here irrespective of religion, caste, creed and language.”

Everybody knows that ISIS was created to serve the interests of Israel and America with an am to present the Islam as a religion of barbarism in international level.


The raising of ISIS flags does not provide any space for such terrorist organization in Kashmir and we have noticed such activities have always condemned with full might across state.