JRL Badami-Bagh army cantonment march, JKLF chairman along with many others arrested

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By FK WEB DESK on 18/12/2018.

JRL Badami-Bagh army cantonment march, JKLF chairman along with many others arrested

Srinagar, 17-Dec: Indian Army and occupational forces have become addicted to Kashmiri blood and we want to tell them that why one by one, kill us all at once. Indian state and security apparatus is Killing Kashmiri innocents at will and international community to safeguard its business ties with it is maintaining a criminal silence. This was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik while speaking to media person at Lal- chowk prior to his arrest along with JKLF vice chairman Mushtaq Ajmal, Muhammad Hanif Dar, Imtiyaz Ahmad Dar, Imtiyaz Ganie, Shakir Ahmad Ahangar, Fayaz Ahmad ,Basharat Ahmad and others by police today. It is significant to mention that JKLF chairman had gone into hiding to lead today’s JRL march towards Badami-bagh army cantonment to ask GOI to kill all Kashmiris at one time rather than killing them on daily basis. It is also pertinent to mention that Police had already arrested various JKLF leaders and activists including Vice chairman Showkat Ahmad Bakhshi, Zonal President Noor Muhammad Kalwal, Zonal senior vice president Muhammad Yasin Butt, zonal organizer Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, Senior member Ghulam Muhammad Dar and many others and lodged them in different police stations.

After evading arrest for three days during which police, raided his friends, well-wishers,JKLF leaders and activists all over Srinagar and adjacent areas, JKLF chairman with Allah’s blessing reached Lal chowk in wee hours of morning today. At 11:00 a.m. he along with enthusiastic men, Women, young and old of the area in large numbers started his march towards Badami Bagh cantonment. The main feature of this peaceful protest rally was the presence of passionate women who wearing white shrouds (Kfan), holding placards illustrating slogan “Indian oppressors, kill us all” and raising slogans against unabated killing spree by Indian colonial forces, marched along with JKLF chairman with exemplary fervor. Police and CRPF had been deployed in and around the whole area and all entry and exit points had been sealed but participants of the rally led by JKLF chairman braving police barricades, pepper shelling and cane-charge managed to reach at Budshah chowk and staged a sit- in there. Police and colonial forces used tear smoke and pepper shells besides cane-charging against men, women and youth present in the peaceful protest and took injured JKLF chairman along with others in custody. After arrest, detained leaders and activists have been shifted to police station Kothi-bagh.

Earlier while talking to media person at the outset of the rally, JKLF chairman said that today JRL along with people has decided to march towards Badami Bagh cantonment, which is Indian army’s headquarter in Kashmir, to tell them to kill us all in one go and satisfy their lust of Kashmiri blood which they have become addicted to. JKLF chairman said that carnage at Pulwama was not first of its kind as Indian army and other colonial psyched forces have in past carried out many such massacres in Jammu Kashmir. He said that Indian army and forces have become addicted to innocent blood in Kashmir and tuned into blood sucking vampires. Replying to a question, JKLF chairman said that killers cannot remain disguised as saviors for long and we want to tell Indian army and forces that you are killers of Kashmiris and we dare you to kill us all at once and satisfy your lust for Kashmiri blood. JKLF chairman said that from long, Kashmiri innocents, elders, youth, men, women and even children are falling to the bullets and pellets of Indians and while innocent blood is being spilled ruthlessly by India, international community to protect its business and economic ties with India is maintaining a criminal silence on it. We want to ask the international community that why this apathy towards human in Kashmir. Isn’t your conscience asking you any questions about this criminal silence? He said that International community needs to change its double standards and try to hold the hands of Indian killers and assassins back and save humans in Kashmir.