Kashmir: The domicile of Sufis and Saints

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By FK WEB DESK on 10/12/2018.

Kashmir: The domicile of Sufis and Saints

Sajad Bashir

Srinagar 10 Dec: Sufis exist throughout the Islamic world and Sufis represent the spiritual dimension of Islam and is known as the way of the heart, way of the pure which takes to the divine presence.  The unity is the core principle of Islam which refers to the monistic oneness of Allah. Sufism intimate the relation between Allah and creation of Allah at all levels.

Kashmir also known as the land of Sufi saints. Islam came to region through the influx of Muslim Sufis from the central asia and Persia in the early of the 14th century. THE understanding based on the considering oneself inferior to everyone ,preferring everyone to self were gifted to the society by the people  of Sufism like sheikh ul Alam[R.A], Lal Ded , Bulbul shah[R.A] …..the Sufis immensely contributed in in different like ethics ,science ,philosophy poetry and prose .besides the Sufis like  Hazrat Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani [R.A] contributed to the economy of the local society by bringing the crafts lie carpet weaving ,shawl embroidery ,wood carving  and making them economically stable

 Sheikh ul Alam [R.A] was never educated or trained in a seminary or monetary but whatever he attained was result of his sincere and severe attempt in pursuing meditation and prayers. He was a philosopher, a saintly mystic flag bearer of Kashmir and the protector of Kashmiri culture. Sheikh ul Alam[R.A] was multidimensional personality, his verses touched every field of life,   in one of his verses (food is subservant of forests ) there are hardly  any aspects of social , cultural  and moral missing in his  context. He was determined to change the orientation of the society and to enlighten the masses with the sense of social responsibility and unity. He did not address to the particular class or group of people but his aim was mankind at large. He revolted against  all the oppressing   structures that stifle and kill the humans spirit  and was against the practice of inequality and injustice  and taught the kashmiris the importance of Islamic virtue of justices ,sincerity , equality ,truth,  and spirituality

Talking to KNB Gulam Mohd said, Today it is need to follow the teachings of the Sufis, as the Sufi way of life and living is, basically founded on peaceful love of Allah, it stress on purifying ourselves from worldly love and pleasure’’

The teachings of the Sufis and their contribution in the history undoubtedly can be made as a torch bearer by the society to overcome different social and economic hurdles in the contemporary time. (KNB)