Kashmiri youth allegedly humiliated at International Suchetgarh Border

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By Fast Kashmir on 06/12/2018.

Kashmiri youth allegedly humiliated at International Suchetgarh Border

Jammu, December 06: Kashmiri youth was allegedly humiliated and harassed at International Suchetgarh Border by a Border Security Force (BSF) personnel falling in R S Pura segment when they visited the border with an aim to see the Tourist destination at Suchetgarh-Sialkot Border like other tourists.


The humiliation incidents happened on December 5, 2018 at around 3 pm on Wednesday when these Kashmiri youth noticing and seeing some Pakistani tourists walking towards Zeroline of Suchetgarh Border from other side of border (Sialkot) who wished them (Pakistani tourists) by saying “Asallamaulakun” on which the BSF Personnel immediately reacted over wishing and kept away the youth for this act.


According to a KNO correspondent, the BSF personnel allegedly humiliated and harassed the Kashmiri youth later, saying “don’t wish Pakistani tourists on this Border, if you people have shown your solidarity and love with them, then it is better to take proper visa and go there (Pakistan) to hug them not on this border.” After receiving such comments from the BSF personnel, the Kashmiri youth also reacted to him and asked him politely that “what is the wrong at our end when Pakistani tourists waving their hands to everyone Indian tourists while their visit to Sialkot Border and we also wave them accordingly.”


“We have already instructed to every tourist before crossing the Main Gate at Zero Ground of Suchetgarh Border not to talk or wave any action to other tourists from other side of Sialkot Border, which is prohibited for every tourist. You people have violated the instructions and this time, I will let you go over this act, otherwise there is procedure to handle such incidents as per law,” BSF jawan had told Kashmiri youth. “We have allowed everyone here to enjoy the tourist destination but not to allow them to make friends from other sides of the border.


We allow every tourist to take pictures at this destination who after visiting this Suchetgarh-Sailkot Border to share their memories with their friends, relatives and dear ones,” he added. “People who wanted to show their sympathies, solidarities and love with tourists of other side have a liable process to go Pakistani after taking proper Visa to show their sympathies with them not from this Borderline which is open for all,” he said.


Kashmiri youth while taking to Kashmir News Observer (KNO) said that, “this is our first visit to Suchetgarh-Sailkot Border and we are excited to see the people of other side of the border within the radius of few yards, which is impossible for everyone to see people of other side of border.


We were never informed by the BSF personnel about these things but when Pakistani tourists waved their hands, and being a Muslim, we wished them Aslamullakum. We fail to understand why BSF personnel reacted on this wish which is offered a give respect to another Muslim that was taught to us by our elders since born.” (KNO)