LeT pays tributes to slain Mujgund militants

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By KNS on 09/12/2018.

LeT pays tributes to slain Mujgund militants

Srinagar, Dec 09:  Mahmood Shah, Chief Lashkar-e-Taiba Jammu Kashmir, has paid their immense tribute to the martyred freedom fighters of Lashkar-e-Taiba in Mujgund, Srinagar, namely Abu Ali Mudassir, Abu Muaz Saqib and others.

In an emailed statement issued to KNS, LeT spokesman, Dr Abdullah Ghaznawi while quoting the outfit chief Mahmood Shah as saying that “It is very little fact that India has come to know about how coward their forces are in facing the freedom fighters.


The whole world is witnessing the cowardice of Indian forces. Setting the houses of public on fire and blasting them after picking up the fallen Indian soldiers is no trait of professional armed forces. In fact, Indian forces are the worst terrorist forces who attack from behind.


“Killing the freedom fighters by poisoning them with the help of their agents is an act of cowardice. If what Modi claims is true then their forces and Bipin Rawat must face the freedom fighters in battlefields,” Mahmood Shah said.


As per statement, Mehmood Shah said, “India can never sustain their illegal occupation in Jammu Kashmir irrespective of their countless investment in resources and force. The martyrdoms never belittles the Jihad but it intensifies it. Hundreds of youth are ready to pick up the fallen gun of Mudassir. The worries of India will only worsen.”


Mahmood Shah expressed his grievances on the loss of public properties and damaging of homes by Indian forces and said that the freedom fighters stand united with their public in the moment of grief. By Allah, India will soon compensate the tragic loss of properties of Kashmiris.


Paying his immense tribute to the stone pelters, mothers, sisters and youth for their support to freedom fighters, Mahmood Shah said that the public are our true asset. The sons of soil will never disappoint you and will continue the struggle till freedom