Mirwaiz Demanding immediate ban on use of pellet guns in Kashmir

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By FK WEB DESK on 12/12/2018.

Mirwaiz Demanding immediate ban on use of pellet guns in Kashmir
Srinagar Dec 12: Demanding immediate ban on use of pellet guns which are now being used against the Kashmiri infants, All Parties Hurriyat Conference chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said Kashmir is the only place in the world where lethal pellets are used against a populance with impunity as a means of repression and dealing with civilian protests .

Mirwaiz said that GOI which does not want to resolve the Kashmir dispute ,but instead wants to exert forced control over the people and territory of J&K by using its forces and arming them with special powers and laws to free them from any accountability and prosecution.

The consequence of which is that today our toddlers are also not safe in their mothers lap as was seen in the case of 18 month-old baby Hiba Jan who showered with pellets at her home and today doctors are struggling to save her badly perforated eye !

Mirwaiz who visited the SMHS hospital where this toddler baby Hiba a shocking victim of pellet horror underwent a second eye-surgery in just a five days ,was deeply pained to see her in such condition and expressed solidarity with her distraught parents praying for the little angle’s speedy recovery. Mirwaiz told her parents that entire Kashmiri nation was praying for the speedy recovery of their daughter.

It was an emotionally charged moment in the hospital when Mirwaiz said that such inhuman act of violence inflicted upon an infants will break the heart of any person having a heart and he was no exception.

Mirwaiz said that little Hiba who is writhing in pain stands an eye-opener for the entire international community and people of India as to how ruthless and brute force can be that it can even be used against infants and toddlers in Kashmir.

Mirwaiz asked GOI to immediately stop the use of this tyrannical and most cruel use of pellet guns .

Mirwaiz also urged the international community to take strong note of the use of pellets on Kashmiri people being used as a means of repression and take steps in ensuring the use of pellets is banned in Valley.