New Talent Rises in Kashmir

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By Fast Kashmir on 13/12/2018.

New Talent Rises in Kashmir

Srinagar 13 December: Choosing the right career option is the most vital decision for all of us. Most of the people  goes through  a dilemma of the choosing the career after the completion of education from college and universities  the reason for this is less geographical reach, limited mindset, and the reluctant nature of the people of Kashmir.  Lack of awareness and counseling facilities on employment perspective is evident.

After the completion of studies, the youth are desperate for Government jobs results in saturation in the number of students which results in unemployment crisis, and resulting in the mental pressure, anxiety, and depression in the youth

 There is  large   employment   potential  in the state of  Jammu and Kashmir  especially in Kashmir division in the field of  animal husbandry , agriculture ,    entrepreneurship,  IT  sector, music , art …. The need is to make proper counseling of the youth to pursue their career.

 While talking to KNB  Rayees  Mohidin  a mimicry  artist said, “I was from childhood inclined towards art of mimicry as I used to make mimicry  of people at  college , university seminars  got exposure, and appreciation ,at university level I made the mind to make it as a career option,  parents initially  hesitated but gradually ,they started to support me, nowadays we are seeing  change in society as    the young talented  people are attracted towards the singing ,dancing ,Rapp… some people are still shy and reluctant ,I would suggest them the things are changing  and perspective of society is changing ,if u have something unique which others cannot do, you can upload a video on social media ,you do not where u can reach’’

Various new talented people  like are coming from the every corner of the valley  and showing their talent in field of music ,Art and Acting ,making  it as  source of income .Technology has changed the perspective of  working in offices and institutions ,the social media can be use  a platform to  show their talent through different channels like youtube, facebook.

A young talented Singer Nargis Khatoon while speaking to Kashmir News Bureau said, “If we have talent, then show to People and Youtube and Facebook are big platform which can be utilized.”  (KNB)