No more Bloodshed in Kashmir ahead of New Year: Sane Voices

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By Fast Kashmir on 19/12/2018.

No more Bloodshed in Kashmir ahead of New Year: Sane Voices

Srinagar 19 Dec: The year 2018  witnessed the highest number of the casualties in the decade  in Kashmir , the number of the people killed during the violations is alarmingly increasing day by day ,at least 423 persons were killed in 2018  including civilians , militants  and security  personals.


The number of the civilian casualties has shot up to 85 from 40 in the last year which is more than the double. The incident of the Kulgam in which the 6 civilians were killed and more than 40 injured when an unexploded shell  at the encounter site  exploded  shook the valley.


However , In the recent incident which took place on  15th of December  at the  Sirnoo  village of the south Kashmir,s  Pulwama district  at least seven civilians,  three militants  and the one army man were killed .


The militant related incidents has also rose from 430 from 342 from last year.  In 2018 so far 41 policemen have been killed , which  is also highest in past 15 years . The number of the weapon snatching has also increased, militants has looted 28 weapons from security forces this year according to officials.


The year 2018 saw the spike in the kidnapping and abduction of the special police officers in south Kashmir where many Special police officer were killed by suspected militants, however the cycle of killing is unstopped. Now the people of Kashmir are hoping for positive change in 2019, while many sane voices are hoping for better and peaceful year ahead.


 Firdous ahmad  a social activist talking to KNB said “From 1989  Kashmir has been suffering  the brunt of the war like situation, the India and Pakistan should come forward to stop the human loses, as the common people are suffering, there should start a dialogue between the stakeholders t look for the permanent solution and hope that 2019 will come with a message of peace to the valley.”



‘’Reconciliation and dialogue are the only way out, the reconciliation measures should be taken as violence is not the  solution, India and Pakistan has had fought the wars in the past it had resulted only in the blood loss on both sides without any favourable results ,the dissent of the people cannot be suppressed by bullets,  the alternative crowd controlling measures like water cannons, tear gases should be used during the protests to minimize the human loss .The draconian laws need to squashed immediately.


India should take forward the spirit of kartarpur  and start the dialogue with the Pakistan  including the local leadership ,if india can start  the unofficial dialogue with the Taliban then why not Pakistan ‘’ Najmul saqib  an additional spokes person of PDP said ‘’


 Important to know, Kashmir is an unfinished agenda of patriotism between the India and Pakistan in which the kashmiris are at the receiving end.



Kashmir is the internationally recognised disputed area and the both the countries are claiming the Kashmir as their own territory from the last 6 decades and have fought the number of the wars with each other on the issue and the violence has caused more than 47000 deaths officially and thousands of disappearances and displacements .



The decades old disputed has been responsible for some gruesome Human rights violations. Kashmiris are losing their homes, families, and lives.


Neither of the states India and Pakistan is coming forward to solve the dispute and are playing the blame game on each other thus the issue has remained unsolved till date. (KNB)