PDP befooling the people by showing fake panchayat results: Bandipora Congress Committee

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By FK WEB DESK on 02/12/2018.

PDP befooling the people by showing fake panchayat results: Bandipora Congress Committee

Bandipora,  Dec 02: Bandipora Congress Committee here on today refuted Statement of PDP in which they Claimed that they have won most number of Panchayats in the three Phases of Panchayat Elections in Bandipora constituency, which is absolutely false and baseless.


Spokesman of Bandipora Congress Committee, in a Statement said that this is totally baseless and Concocted, saying that there is not even an iota of truth in the Same. He said that PDP have just befooled people with their lies, their politics is based on lies.


He said that they have failed totally on ground, now they are befooling people on the basis of their lies. He said that their party was based on the lies, now that lie has been open infront of every one.


They dont have anything to show people and now befooling people by showing false mandate, he added.


Spokesman said that, Firstly PDP was not in the election as they boycotted it, how come they claimed that we got such mandate, this openly exposes the propagandist politics of PDP, How come they have won major panchayat halqas in Bandipora constituency, if they were not in fray.


Secondly, we don’t want to show off as our party exists on ground in real basis not in fake basis as like as PDP nowadays, but they forced us to show panchayat result details publicly, he said.


He said that as of now, elections happened in three blocks and out of three blocks, Bandipora congress has won total number of 36 Panchayats and Party have full proof of that, We are not proxy people.


He said that, In Bandipora Block there are total 26 panchayats and out of 26 panchayats 6 panchayats were without candidates,so in rest 20 panchayats congress has won 14 sarpanchs and 71panchs.


In Aloosa Block there are 20 panchayats and out of 20 panchayats one panchayat was without candidate, so in rest 19 panchayats congress won 13 sarpanchs and 59 panchs and in Arin Block we have 15 panchayats and out of 15 one panchayat was without candidate,so in rest 14 panchayats congress won 9 sarpanchs and 49 Panchs.


Spokesman said that, it is just a drama by PDP to stop the revolt within the party as their party workers are aware of the fact that PDP is in disaster this time and their workers are now leaving the party and taking shelter in secular forces like Congress.



He said that PDP should abstain from propagandist politics based on lies. He said that PDP is befooling the masses and one can understand how frustrated they are.


He said that the statement made by PDP regarding the Panchayat result is totally baseless and Fake and Concocted.


Today they had again proved and showed people who they really are and refreshed in everyone’s mind that their existence was based on lies and they will be always liers, he added.