People have rejected BJP’s Politics: JK Congress

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By Fast Kashmir on 12/12/2018.

People have rejected BJP’s Politics: JK Congress

Srinagar 12 Dec: People rejected BJP in five states and now it is the democracy landscape of India has witnessed change which were evident in result of the recent state   assembly elections. The results are seen as the biggest setback to BJP since it came to power in 2014 and power booster for congress before the general elections of 2019.

The outcome of elections has particularly jolted the monopoly of Modi –shah   in the Indian democracy which was unstoppable since 2014 and it rampaged in every corner of the country. BJPs dream of establishing the single-party rule in country rom from panchayat to the parliament, which seemed to be possible, that sense of certainty has taken a knock and the wrong policies of BJP seems to have backfired as the massive marches mounted by the farmers, the growing unrest among the minorities like Muslims, dalits…..are giving the impression that the BJP is losing its grip.

While talking with Kashmir News Bureau Vice President JK Congress Pradesh Anwar bhat said ‘’People have rejected Communal parties in five states and with this win congress party got booted and I hope People of Jammu and Kashmir will also reject them.”

Commenting on election strategies in Jammu and Kashmir he said, “From this win our party will make new impact all over.”

Talking to KNB, senior TV journalist Sanam Ajaz said, ‘’the formation of the third front  among the BJP supported parties, the political crisis and spree of resigning of political  leaders  may stop, he further added that the orientation of people may tilt towards the congress  as congress is  slowly gaining  back the lost ground at center‘’

The speeches of the Modi once adept at suiting his speech to audiences, failed to address the grievances of farmers, small traders, and unemployed youths as he focused his attack on past sins instead of concrete solution to the problems. The polarization of voter on the basis of religion and injection of the Hinduvta sentiment is rejected by the people.

‘’Well ,it is beginning of downfall of BJP, they have been rejected by people, as people are now well aware of their fake promises , in future our state will also throw them out’’ a local Congress worker said

During 2013-14 Modi  campaigned under the slogan ‘’sab ka saath, sab ka vikas’’ and highlighted the UPA Government failures to address the farm crisis and the farmers  reposed their faith in BJP , nearly five years on ,the situation of farmers has only worsened.

The results show the rationality among the voters and they want the change not the promises and more than actual number of seats lost or win, the result on Tuesday present the change in political awareness and thinking among the people of India. (KNB)