Tral Set Example of Harmony by constructing temple for Hindus

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By Fast Kashmir on 07/12/2018.

Tral Set Example of Harmony by constructing temple for Hindus

Sajad Bashir

Pulwama 07 Dec: Kashmir is famous for its hospitality, brotherhood and confluence of the some of the great religions and cultures .the people of different religions whether Hindu, Muslims, Buddhists or Christians are living with peace and harmony through centuries.

The festivals are celebrated together and sorrows are shared together in valley. The pillars of unity among the people were unshaken by the conflict in the state. The Temples, Mosques and Gurduwaras are standing parallel to each other on river banks as well as on meadows the azaan of masjids, the bells of temples and the granths of gurduwaras in early morning testimony the brotherhood in Kashmir. The ethos of Kashmir culture has time and again withstood the travails and tribulations of time despite the currents of odds and challenges through different changing times.

Brotherhood can be seen everywhere in Kashmir, one of such example has come to fore from the south Kashmir’s Pulwama district .The residents of Haripari ,Ganeshbal  of Tral area , forty kilometers from the Srinagar, the Muslim community of the Haripora area has come forward for the reconstruction of the old temple as it has got cracks and was in a Slumber. Haripari area was one of the major hindu populated area in Tral, the majority of the Hindu families has migrated from the area in 1990,s ,some of the families stayed back . they are living in harmony  with the Muslim.

The Pandit families has started the construction of the Ganesh Astapan  temple, and Muslims are showing the solidary with them ,they are morally and financially giving the helping hand to their pandit brothers in the construction of temple

Talking to KNB Gulam Ahmad Mir a local resident said, “when we respect the others religion they will respect our religion also, they are a part of our society, whenever we have any need they help us and we also help them whenever we they need, from my childhood I have grown up with them,playing with them ,we celebrate the festivals together.”

‘’It has been only possible through the contribution of our Muslim neighbours that we are able to build the temple,we never feel difference with each other, we are always there for each other , my message to everyone is that we should not fight in the name of religion as every religion preaches the message of peace,” Sanjay bhat a local pandit said

Every person should believe in common brotherhood and try to maintain the communal harmony ,as all religions are promoting the peace,  love and brotherhood .The other state of the India should take a leaf from the valley of Kashmir  in promoting the communal  harmony. (KNB)