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By Fast Kashmir on 21/12/2018.

Travel to Jammu, weary for commuters

By, Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

Srinagar, Kashmir Valley is connected to rest of India by National Highway 1A(NH1A). It stretches from northern side to Uri and from southern side to Jalandhar. This road passes through the series of mountains with some blind curves defines as a “Line of communication (travelled way) open to public traffic, primarily for the use of road motor vehicles, using for carrying different eatables and other essential commodities from other parts of India. The description of the road is that it is macdamised but due to untimely and incessant rains it is wearingat some places. This road also cover streets, bridges, tunnels, supporting structures, junctions, crossings and interchanges.

Srinagar_Jammu National Highway clings to the base of mountains, at some places it is cut through mountains in the form of tunnels. It confers natural beauty on its either side as it is flanked with some beautiful and high ranked mountains.It is carved with vast glaciers ,covered with pines and firs and bottomed out with deep gorgeous lake. These snow topped peaks are magnificent and imposing.The track passes over Bridges, above river gorges thus providing a beautiful view for the passengers and adventures.

There are two famous tunnels which have linked one part of road to the other adds a serious attraction for the travellers . Among the two tunnels one namely Chenani_Nashri tunnel has recently built which comprises of two tubes and they run parrellel to each other approximately of 9 kms in length.Other tunnel which is very much constructed before 80 years ago . This tunnel is 2.85 kms in length and considered as the oldest tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir. These two tunnels are guarded round the clock by traffic police and armed force.It provides an extra look for the travellers and adventures to travel through.

If we see its other aspect this road is quite dangerous to travel especially for weak and half hearted people. This road is prone to landslides and avalanches and gives a serious threat to commuters. So many lives have lost their life due to accidents or damage done by landsliding while traveling through this road. Even shooting stones from the hilllocks are quite hurted to the passengers. It has some narrowing places where it becomes difficult to two line traffic to pass through , results in to a heavy traffic jam and it takes hours or even days to restore normal traffic.

During winter due to heavy snow fall and rains rescue operation becomes ready to deal with any undue or accidental circumstances as landslides and avalanches always provoking any kind danger. If it happens so then a large number of passengers and vechiles remain stranded for hours and days. The passengers are striked by cold and freezy wind then they have to find an emergency heating arrangements in order to prevent themselves inclement atmosphere. Not only this the commuters and Dabbas fall short of necessary food items which located at the either side of the road adds more to their misery.Through authorities after putting their hectic efforts trying to remove the debris of avalanches and landslides and ensuring reopening of the road.The intermittent falling of stones at the some spots completely and continuously hault movement of the traffic. Sometimes air lifting is used to evacuate the stranded passengers if all the ground rescuing efforts be failled.

Govt has spent lot of money on the road building and development from the time of opening of national highway but it becomes all in vain as this road is becomes damaged and weary by landslides and avalanches. Keep in view this road is only life line for the people of Kashmir as there is no alternative road where essential commodities can be carried from other parts of india. Govt has been trying best to build Mughal road but it is not linking straight to Jammu.

So keeping in view the worst conditions of National Highway and preventing so many lives from further loss or accidents Government has to find solid and one time solution to build an alternative concrete road for easy travel and transportation.

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad
Research scholar
Kuchmullah TRAL