Don’t Snatch earliest period of a child, Cognizance for parents

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By Fast Kashmir on 01/01/2019.

Don’t Snatch earliest period of a child, Cognizance for parents

By, Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

Srinagar, 01 Jan: The world is the platform where a man has to play a key role in making his well – being in decency, having his honour among all creatures with high values and good behaviour. He has straight path to follow and will lead others, preventing them from stumbling and groping blindly in the dark .


Man is in a great need of guidance and Education , so that he is able to practice his humanity with these two aspects , otherwise a mankind would be left wallowing in the mire selfishness , hatred , domination and oppression .


The natural characteristic is essential to man’s well being,so long as it is moderate and is held in check. It should be decent, social person,whom this unique combination of honourable characteristic distinguishes. These characters help the man in controlling his sickness, reducing his self admiration and paving way towards moderation, wisdom and humility.


Society is a sort of learning institution for the human being. The basic social institution of the society is the family which is created on the consensus of father and mother. Their children are source of joy, enjoyment and companionship. Parents make the life of children sweet but they have a burden of responsibilities on their shoulders to make them educationally sound and do proper upbringing on noble characteristics.


In the right now age a man became puppet and prey of competition and modernisation and more specifically to his wife forcing him to do the best for his children whether dozed in good or bad way but neglecting the proper care and management of his children. Man finds himself in no way sends his children to the school at that early age when they need mother’s lap and father’s shoulder to develop them morally, emotionally and psychologically. This preschooling results into non- parental care and they lack provision upon children’s development.


The extent to which the children need special care from parents when they don’t have the Cognitive development, socialisation and better environs . The provide them strange environs of the school which consists of unknown teachers, how they come to know the situation where they can make every possible way for the social adjustment of these children. The teachers have different task in the school to complete the stipulated syllabi under thorough surveillance of management of the school. The teachers focus on the academic achievement of the children only when they need moral Education and sound upbringing.


Parents are among the most important people in the lives of young children. In every sense,the children rely on parents to unfold their personalities but fictional thinking among the parents about the misdirected goals and competition of Education that they want big academic achievements from very beginning of their preschooling so that parents would proudly start their futile arguments with those parents whose children have not done good in the results and thus claim high-handedness.

In the class the children have to grow in the heterogeneity system of class,Creed, color and religion. The management and teachers are not able to make proper adjustment of every child when the children don’t have the good Perception of adjustment in the class. With this lingering problem in the class the teacher strictly focus only to his duty to help the children in achieving good academic records and uses every possible way , even he uses corporal punishment that daunts and dashes the proper physical development of the child.


Parents are caregivers inside and outside of the house,to act on their behalf to protect them and give healthy development. Physical,moral and psychological development are pre- requisite for each and every child that too under good parenting so that they are able to cope with stressful situations,temper, emotional arousal, overcome fears and accept disappointments and frustrations at their young age.


Thus parents want their children to study and do good in the life but they don’t know how to do it. Instead they compel their children to go to school when they need proper nurture and guidance from parents. Before giving them proper Education give them the right environment and upbringing in their house, is sole responsibility of parents. If this is not done in proper and sensitive way then don’t raise the issue when their children are involved in different juvenile delinquency.



The early and possible way is to nourish children in proper care and sensitive way during their prechildhood period and don’t let them to jump in that competition when they will never unleash their potential , result would be a psychologically disturbed individual.



Sheikh Arshid Ahmad
Research scholar
Kuchmullah Tral