Dy Mayor says the attack on him was ‘pre-planed’ by RSS, BJP backed corporators

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By KNB on 21/01/2019.

Dy Mayor says the attack on him was ‘pre-planed’ by RSS, BJP backed corporators

“I was attacked for speaking against BJP and Hindutva politics, will kick out BJP from Kashmir

Srinagar, Jan 21: Deputy Mayor Sheikh Imran on Monday was attacked by the BJP and RSS sponsored corporators during the second councilor meeting at Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC).

Addressing a presser, Imran said the assault on him was preplanned by the BJP and RSS backed corporators. He said he will continue to uphold the flag of justice and truth.

“I will not bow down by such tactics, will continue to speak against corruption, injustice and voiceless,” Imran said adding that he was attacked for speaking against BJP and anti-Hindutva campaigns.

Imran urged SMC corporators to resume their work and said police will take its own course of time. We will not fight or attack anyone as (BJP)they did, he said.

“When I stood up for Question-Answer session, two corporators attacked me. I am committed to kicking out BJP from Kashmir,” he said.

He said they are backed by BJP Mayor Junaid Azim Mattu but he will not allow them to follow BJP agenda in Kashmir. Kashmiris will never accept their Hindutva politics, Imran said.

Imran appealed Governor Satya Pal Malik and Chief Secretary to look into this matter.

“From the first day, I urged the administration to look into the issue of BJP, RSS sponsored Mayor but they turned dead ears to the issue,” Imran said adding that even SMC Commissioner had become weak also.

He said from past one week, he was continuously trolled by these BJP, RSS army. In SMC council sitting arrangement was made deliberately randomly by Mayor to attack him, Imran said.

“I am true Muslim, my corporators and people would not tolerate any attack on our religion by BJP and RSS sponsored people in Kashmir,” he said.

According to Imran, when he entered the hall, Junaid Azim Mattu along with some greedy corporators was ready to attack him.

“When I raised the slogans against corruption, I was attacked,” he said. When I will get back to the office and will fight again against corruption, injustice and be the voice of people.

“My Allah, people, and corporators are with me and no one can stop me and will always raise my voice against RSS and BJP vested politics,” Imran said.